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Amy McClelland

Amy McClelland

Amy McClelland MSc, BSc, BAHyp. is a Coaching Psychologist who specialises in Individual and Organisational Wellbeing. She completed her BSc in Psychology at the School of Psychology, Cardiff University and went on to complete an MSc. in Psychology within the same university; subsequently Amy was elected Chair of the Post Graduate Occupational Psychology Committee with the BPS whilst working at the Welsh Psychotherapy Partnership Cardiff. She completed her training in Hypnotherapy with the British Academy of Hypnosis in 2007.

Amy’s main areas of interest include Coaching for Sleep, Pain Management and Resilience. In her evidence-based interventions, she uses CBT, Hypnosis, Positive Psychology, ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and MBCT (Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy). In addition to working with large organizations (her clients have included Westinghouse, JTI International, Renault, Ford and Revlon) Amy has worked extensively on a one-to-one basis. Being supportive, caring and structured are central facets of Amy’s personal coaching style and she will be bringing these qualities to the WellBeing and Performance Group.

Amy had an unusual and exciting childhood. She spent her early years living and being educated on a sailing boat with her family. This period of voyaging, throughout the Mediterranean, was followed by her being educated in France. The travel bug is still with her and she never turns down the opportunity to get on a plane and explore.

Amy McClelland is a fully-insured Level A trained member of the British Psychological Society; a Senior Associate with the Royal Society of Medicine; a member of the Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine Section of the Royal Society of Medicine; a member of the British Psychological Societies’ Coaching Psychology Working Group; a member of the British Academy of Hypnosis and offers support in French, Spanish, Italian and, of course, English.



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