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Dr Bridget Juniper

Bridget Juniper

Dr Bridget Juniper specialises in the measurement of employee well-being and wellness.

While there are numerous providers who offer well-being programmes, there are very few who actually evaluate employees’ well-being using empirical methods. For this reason, we are delighted to have Dr Bridget Juniper as our associate.

Her company, Work and Well-Being Ltd, was established with the specific aim of providing services to organisations who want independent metrics that inform their strategic intent and choice of programme for optimising performance.

Through Bridget's services, we are able to offer clients the facility of surveying their staff, identifying where specific interventions are indicated, and the type of intervention that is needed to improve wellbeing and performance at work. We can also offer clients the opportunity of evaluating their activities with us, such as our education and training programmes, impact of our organisation and management development programmes, our consultancy services and the development of a wellbeing and performance culture at work.

Bridget Juniper’s PhD examined the measurement of employee well-being. She is highly experienced in employee health and wellness matters and continues her award-winning research at Cranfield University where she is also a guest lecturer. Bridget has been awarded an Honorary Research Fellowship at the School of Business, Economics and Informatics at Birkbeck College, University of London and lectures on the MSc Organizational Psychology programme. She is also a Visiting Research Fellow at the Royal Institution of Great Britain.

Her academic studies focus on how well-being research can be translated into a practical implementation framework for professionals and practitioners. Her work is frequently published in leading, scholarly journals and she is a regular speaker to academic and corporate audiences.

You will find some of Bridget’s articles in our article library.

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