Alchemy for Managers

Alchemy for Managers

Alchemy for Managers will help your managers work "smarter", achieve more and perform better.

Alchemy for Managers is an On-line Management Knowledgebase

Alchemy for Managers is an on-line management knowledgebase that makes the difference between average and excellent managers. The premise is simple – every manager needs extensive amounts of information and skill to do their job. And no manager can ever know it all. Alchemy provides practical, down to earth information and actual methods that every manager can access on the job, right when they need it - building managerial expertise and confidence.

The material has been written by a team of over 80 experts with a peer review process. It is segmented in a simple, consistent format with easy navigation and a powerful search engine.

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What Alchemy users say:

"What a product! Finally a tool that takes the pain out of not knowing. Informative, easy to use, fun to learn and reassuring to have such robust support material at my fingertips. Thank you Alchemy! - Maureen Hughes"

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Management Information delivered by Alchemy under these Subject Headings

360degree assessment ethics in business performance management
action learning event management people management
assertiveness facilitation personal brand
appraisals feedback personal energy
attendance management goal setting political intelligence
bereavement handling the media presentations
body language health & safety posture & comfort
bullying & harrassment humour problem solving
business writing influencing process improvement
change internal communications project management
charisma Interview techniques psychological contracts
client account management interviewing - selection psychometric testing
coaching intuition in business public relations
coaching yourself leadership quality
communicating change leading beyond authority questioning skills
compentency frameworks learning Rapport
confidence learning organisations reading efficiently
conflict resolution listening skills recruitment
consultants management - tools redundancy
ceative thinking managing upwards redundancy - survivors
customer relations managing your career risk management
delegation marketing solutions focus approach
difficult people mediation storytelling for business
disability meetings stress management
discipline & grievance memory talent management
dismissal mental toughness teambuilding
diversity mentoring telephone skills
drugs & alcohol mind mapping time management
dyslexia motivation training delivery
e-learning negotiation transactional analysis
emotional intelligence networking violence & aggression
employee engagement NLP vision & mission
employment contracts nonviolent communication voice skills
empowerment organisation development work-life balance

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