Code for Ethical Leadership

Code for Ethical Leadership

Code of Conduct for Psychological Health and Wellbeing

The Code of Conduct for Psychological Health and Wellbeing has been created by Professor Derek Mowbray of the Management Advisory Service.

The need for a Code relating to psychological health and wellbeing arises from the widespread anxiety that issues of psychological distress are not being taken with the degree of seriousness the condition deserves.

Psychological distress costs business and services £bn’s per annum in lost concentration, under-performance, errors and accidents, diverted management resources, sickness, absence and staff turnover. Psychological distress contributes to about 50% of the causes of sickness and absence from work.

The Code of Conduct for Psychological Health and Wellbeing

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Code of Conduct for the Promotion of Psychological Health and Wellbeing

Employers who promote psychological health and wellbeing will ensure that their leaders and managers behave towards their staff in ways that promote engagement, commitment and trust, as the principal defence against the risks of psychological distress.

Employers that promote psychological health and wellbeing need to consider:

  • the culture of the organisation, and
  • the behaviour of leaders and managers in the organisation.

Leaders and managers behave according to the context in which they manage. Therefore, the culture of the organisation is the context in which managers behave. The culture is built on a combination of organisational purpose, structure and ‘rules’.

Development Programmes that could be considered

Top Teams Facilitation

Facilitated discussion with senior managers to support local adoption of the Code, to clarify what the Code means and how the Code can be embedded in the organisation's culture to improve wellbeing and performance.

Raising Awareness / Seminars

For all managers and staff groups to raise awareness of the new Code, what it is and what it means for them.

Management Development and Training Programmes

To equip managers with the skills, behaviours and competencies enshrined in the code. This enables a positive work culture to develop, promoting wellbeing and improved performance.

Improving personal resilience and stress management skills

Training programmes for managers and staff.

Cognitive coaching

One-to-one coaching support for managers, to encourage a focus on thinking about the wellbeing of staff, rather than simply on targets, as this will ultimately have a far greater return-on-investment.


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