Codes of Conduct

The Manager's Code of Conduct

The Manager's Code of Conduct

The Manager's Code of Conduct has been created by Professor Derek Mowbray of the Management Advisory Service.

The aim of the Code is to help managers perform at their best and bring about improvements to the culture of the organisation, so enabling improved staff wellbeing and enhanced organisational performance.

As an independent consultant, Professor Mowbray has been advisor to the governments of the USA, New Zealand and New South Wales, Australia and the UK DoH.

The Manager's Code of Conduct

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There are more Management Codes of Conduct that can be freely downloaded from our from our Article Library .

The Purpose of a Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct has the purpose of being the central guide and reference for users in day to day decision making. The Code is meant to reflect the organisation’s purpose, mission, values and principles, and linking these to the standards of professional conduct. The conduct of individuals, therefore, should clearly reflect what the organisation ‘stands for’ and how the organisation wishes to see itself projected to the outside world.

The Code is an open and public disclosure of how the organisation operates.

A Code can fulfil other functions. It can become a tool that encourages discussion around ethical dilemmas, prejudices and grey areas that can arise during everyday working; it can provide the opportunity to create a positive public identity for the organisation that can raise levels of public confidence and trust.

The Focus of the Manager's Code

The Code focuses on three core subjects:

  • Managing my Organisation
  • Managing my People
  • Managing myself

The rationale for this is: high performing organisations depend on a workforce of highly skilled people, being able to deliver their skills within a Positive Work Culture that actively encourages staff engagement both with customers and the organisation.

The Aim of the Manager's Code

Broadly the aim of the Manager's Code is to bring about improvements to the culture of the organisation, so enabling improved staff wellbeing and organisational performance.

Development Programmes that compliment the adoption of the Code

Top Teams Facilitation

Facilitated discussion with senior managers to support local adoption of the Code, to clarify what the Code means and how the Code can be embedded in the organisation's culture to improve wellbeing and performance.

Raising Awareness / Seminars

For all managers and staff groups to raise awareness of the new Code, what it is and what it means for them.

Management Development and Training Programmes

To equip managers with the skills, behaviours and competencies enshrined in the code. This enables a positive work culture to develop, promoting wellbeing and improved performance. Through management development and consequent behaviour change, staff commitment, engagement and trust all increase so that the costs of absenteeism, staff turnover and presenteeism are reduced. MAS also provides training programmes for managers and staff on improving personal resilience and stress management skills.

Find out more about our Management Development and Training Programmes.

Cognitive coaching

One-to-one coaching support for managers, to encourage a focus on thinking about the wellbeing of staff, rather than simply on targets, as this will ultimately have a far greater return-on-investment.

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