Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching and One-to-one Support

Our coaching service is based on cognitive principles, assisting individuals to think differently about their lives and the challenges they face.

Any aspect of management is supported by this process, including coaching groups as teams.

Our Executive Coaching and One to One Support

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An illustration of a typical one to one session is below:

Executive stress reduction coaching

The first session is devoted to identifying the issues to be addressed in subsequent sessions. This entails completing the General Health Questionnaire which is 12 questions long, and discussing the feedback by exploring what lies behind the results.

Once we have confirmed the issues, we then engage in cognitive coaching, seeking to develop approaches to resolving issues and/or coping with them, so that a return to normal life becomes possible.

Various techniques are used depending on the issues. We explain why certain behaviours and responses occur and provide some insight into how to re-think situations and gain as much positive response to situations as possible.

Coaching sessions are very much on the lines of conversations, but with the coach suggesting things to do. The aim is to reduce stress.

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