Adaptive Leadership

Adaptive Leadership

Introducing Adaptive Leadership

High performance from the workforce comes with engagement, involvement and a sense of ownership of the work that is done.

Adaptive leadership is a process that shares responsibility amongst the entire workforce for the success and development of the organisation and its work. The approach encourages the workforce to think more about the success of the organisation as a whole and their own contribution to that success.

This style of leadership has a profound impact on the wellbeing and performance of the workforce. It is a style that helps to embed a Positive Workplace Culture into organisations.

More about Adaptive Leadership


  • The challenge – adapting to internal and external pressures for change
  • The six building blocks of a Leader:
    Self, Self as leader, Followers, Emerging leaders, Context, Judges
  • Adaptive Leadership explained:
    Shared responsibility; Unsolicited contribution; Institutionalised learning; Tackling ‘Elephants in the Room’
  • The attributes and behaviours of Adaptive Leaders
    Attentiveness, Trustworthiness, Wisdom, Intelligence with humour, Assertiveness, Direction with committed ambition, Create tension and dissolve it, Addressing needs, Nurturing.


Participants will be introduced to the characteristics of Adaptive Leadership and the impact of this style on the wellbeing and performance of employees and managers. They will gain an understanding of the psychology of Adaptive Leadership and the change strategies required to bring about a change in Leadership style and approach. Participants will be able to practice applying this style to their own circumstances.


  • 1 hour - raising awareness programme
  • One day – raising awareness with taster practical exercises, techniques and approaches
  • Mentoring – individual mentoring in Adaptive Leadership techniques and approaches

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