Implementing A Positive Workplace Culture

Implementing A Positive Workplace Culture

Implementing A Positive Workplace Culture

Psychological presenteeism (people coming to work but under performing because of their lack of concentration due to stress) is the major challenge for organisations. The costs of this form of presenteeism are estimated to be between 1.5 and 3 times the costs of sickness absence and staff turnover.

The approach to preventing psychological presenteeism is to build a culture that promotes commitment, trust and engagement, known as A Positive Work Culture, as this will heavily influence the way managers and staff interact with each other, as it is evidenced as reducing and eliminating psychological distress at work.

This seminar provides the steps and approaches to implementing this form of culture.


  • The ingredients of a Positive Workplace Culture
  • Making an assessment of your own organisation against the ingredients
  • Identifying the core values and beliefs behind a Positive Workplace Culture
  • Implementing step 1 – ‘the big idea’
  • Implementing step 2 – architecture
  • Implementing step 3 – the rules of how the organisation should work
  • Implementing step 4 – the training and development needs of all employees and managers to embed the culture into daily working operations.

Outcome from this seminar:

Participants will be provided with a step by step approach to building and sustaining a Positive Workplace Culture, with detailed guidance of how to address challenges to implementation.


  • 1 hour - raising awareness programme
  • One day – raising awareness with taster practical exercises, techniques and approaches
  • Two day – for those embarking on the implementation of A Positive Work Culture with practical guidance on each step.

For further information about implementing a Positive Workplace Culture and this in house programme please request more details here or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.

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