Personal Resilience

Personal Resilience

Strengthening Personal Resilience Workshop
In house Programme

Resilience is a key component in the primary prevention of stress at work.

Building resilience in the workforce is about building personal and corporate capacity to withstand and cope with excessive stressful events without experiencing any personal or corporate stress. Strengthening Personal resilience will help ensure that your workforce is motivated, engaged, committed and maintains performance through periods of uncertainty and change whilst minimising the stressful effects of such events.

Resilience at work is about personal attitude towards work and the events that take place in work and the working environment.

Resilience is the capacity to mobilise personal resources to tolerate, cope with and overcome adverse events without experiencing stress, and to grow and develop as a consequence of such events. Some aspects of personal resilience are personality dependent whilst others are skills determined. All elements can be learnt and strengthened.

This strengthening personal resilience training programme has been delivered to 100s of people in the UK, Europe and the USA, consistently receiving scores of excellence.

Personal Resilience Workshop Content:

Understanding and recognising the effects and causes of stress;

Assess and evaluate personal resilience - completion of the Resilience Assessment Questionnaire;

Understanding what is resilience and when we need to call on it;

The approaches and techniques to resilience based on 8 elements of resilience:

  • Vision
  • Determination
  • Interaction
  • Relationships
  • Problem solving
  • Organisation
  • Self confidence
  • Self awareness

Clarify personal vision and goals;

Understanding who we are;

Understanding how we evaluate events and form an attitude towards them;

Identifying threats to wellbeing and performance;

Enhance physical and mental wellbeing;

Boost personal control and flexibility;

Manage time and prioritise more effectively;

Improve life balance;

Techniques for self development and reinforcement of resilience;

Practical exercises in building personal resilience.

Outcome from this Personal Resilience Workshop:

Participants will learn the effect that adverse events have on them, and how forming a resilient attitude towards such events determines how they cope with them and become stronger as a result.

  • Participants will learn the techniques and approaches to building personal resilience;
  • Participants will be provided with exercises and routines that can be adopted on a daily basis;
  • With practice, participants will improve coping skills and manage stress more effectively;
  • Participants will in time build a reservoir of resilience against stressful events.


This programme can be delivered in a variety of formats to suit different requirements and group sizes.

  • 1 to 2 hour - raising awareness programme which can be delivered to large audiences;
  • One day workshop – raising awareness of Personal Resilience with practical exercises, techniques and approaches;
  • Mentoring – practical guidance and support to individuals;
  • Managers may opt for a programme specifically for them which can be a mix of Corporate and Personal Resilience.
  • Two day Masterclass on Personal Resilience – for internal champions embarking on the delivery of an in-house Strengthening Resilience Programme
  • Train-the-trainer programme for Strengthening Personal Resilience for trainers wishing to deliver our programme and materials.

Who should attend?

The programme can be adjusted to suit all levels but it is recommended that delegates attend in their peer groups for best results, particularly with groups below 20.


Derek Mowbrays Guide to Personal Resilience - this practical guide will provide a good picture of our Personal Resilience Programme.  It contains exercises, assessments and questionnaires.

Note: Organisations should not view a resilience programme in isolation, but as part of a transformation process to achieve peak performance throughout the organisation. Personal resilience can only go so far. Without the elements of corporate resilience in place (good culture, good management and a good working environment), there comes a time when individuals are unable to cope effectively with certain challenges, no matter how robust their personal resilience may be.

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