Staff Engagement

Staff Engagement

Staff Engagement

The engagement of the workforce in their work and with their organisation is a key aspect of psychological wellbeing and performance.

There are several forms of staff engagement, each with their own merits, but each with different degrees of intensity of attachment to work and the organisation.

This seminar will focus on social engagement, the form of staff engagement that produces the most intense and high performing link between the workforce and performance.


  • The problems at work
  • Commitment and trust leading to engagement
  • Staff engagement explained
  • The benefits of social engagement
  • The culture for engagement
  • The manager behaviours leading to staff engagement
  • The working environment for staff engagement
  • The resilience needed for staff engagement

Outcome from this seminar:

Participants will be provided with the approaches, techniques and tools to behave in ways that produce commitment, trust and engagement in the workforce. This, in turn, improves wellbeing and performance at work.


  • 1 hour - raising awareness of staff engagement
  • One day – raising awareness with practical exercises, techniques and approaches
  • Coaching - individual focused training in the behaviours required to generate staff engagement

For further information about this in house programme on Staff Engagement and to discuss running it in your organisation, please request more details here or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.

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