Stress Management, Wellbeing and Performance

Stress Management, Wellbeing and Performance

Stress Management, Wellbeing and Performance

As stress is contextual, our training drills down to the root causes. There are two parallel activities taking place at once – preventing the contextual influences from continuing to cause stress, and developing personal resilience against stress.

So, our stress management training programme is about implementing The Wellbeing and Performance Agenda – placing stress firmly into the context of performance.


  • Explaining Stress. The context within which people work, and the influence of a Positive Work Culture and how to implement such a culture; the threats to wellbeing and performance; the significance of stress and presenteeism on performance; strategy; the merits of prevention versus providing support. Liabilities. Reliable and valid surveys.
  • Measuring Stress
  • The behaviours which need to be embedded to promote commitment, trust and engagement; the role of Manager’s Code in changing behaviour and culture.
  • Recognising the four levels of stress. Helping people adjust to their work; managing staff who suffer levels 2-4 stress.
  • Understanding that the workplace is a controlled community, controlled by managers.
  • Building and sustaining resilience against adverse events at home and at work; using the 8 elements of resilience as the framework; completing the Resilience Questionnaire; exercises in building personal resilience.

Outcome from this seminar:

Managers will know how to minimise the risk of stress whist maintaining wellbeing, performance and productivity, even in difficult times.


  • 1 hour - raising awareness programme
  • One day – practical exercises, techniques and approaches
  • Mentoring – individual focused training in behaviours

For further information about this in house programme and to discuss running it in your organisation, please request more details here or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.

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