The WellBeing and Performance Agenda

The WellBeing and Performance Agenda

The WellBeing and Performance Agenda

Amongst the biggest challenges that any organisation faces is how to minimise the impact of stress on its performance. Currently, psychological presenteeism (employees and managers who come to work but who under perform due to lack of concentration caused by stress inducing problems) costs between 1.5 and 3 times the costs attributable to sickness absence and staff turnover.

By tackling the causes of psychological presenteeism the business or service also tackles sickness absence, and staff turnover attributable to stress. The added benefit of tackling presenteeism is a workforce that is highly engaged, innovative and contributes more than is expected.

Click here to see Prof Mowbray's Guide to the Wellbeing and Performance Agenda.


  • Raising awareness – Executive briefing: Understanding the needs of your workforce, and the threats to wellbeing and performance
  • Approaches to engaging with your workforce about implementing The Wellbeing and Performance Agenda
  • Building the argument for improving wellbeing and performance: business impact and action
  • Managing your organisation – implementing a Positive Work Culture
  • Managing your people – developing the Mindful Manager: implementing the Manager’s Code
  • Managing yourself – building a resilient workforce
  • Action plan

Outcome from this seminar:

  • Awareness of the psychology of wellbeing and performance
  • Awareness of Measuring performance
  • Awareness of Strategies of change
  • Introduction to corporate resilience
  • A Charter for Wellbeing and Performance
  • Introduction to adaptive leadership
  • Creating a Manager’s Code
  • Introduction to personal resilience.


  • 1 hour - raising awareness programme
  • One day – raising awareness with taster practical exercises, techniques and approaches
  • Two days – for those embarking on the implementation of The Wellbeing and Performance Agenda – practical guidance to each Agenda item
  • Mentoring – practical guidance and support for organisations implementing The Wellbeing and Performance Agenda

For further information about this in house programme and to discuss running it in your organisation, please request more details here or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.

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