Changing Manager Behaviour Seminar

Changing Manager Behaviour Seminar

Changing Manager Behaviour

A one day Masterclass Seminar in our Mindful Manager series, this seminar is about how to Change Manager Behaviour to increase the performance and productivity of staff by achieving strong emotional and practical engagement.

The seminar is for managers, HR specialists, Occupational Health specialists, Organisation and Management Development specialists concerned with wellbeing, performance and productivity at work and the need to improve staff engagement

High strength staff engagement delivers hugely improved flexibility, adaptability, performance, innovation and achievement. There is a corresponding reduction in costs associated with manager time spent on managing stress, on lower productivity, high presenteeism, high sickness absence and high staff turnover.

Organisations are controlled communities, normally controlled by managers. Manager behaviour is critical in achieving staff engagement. It is manager ability to build and sustain commitment and trust between themselves and their staff that leads to the high level dividend of strong staff engagement.

Seminar Content:

  • Why manager behaviour is so important in delivering high dividend staff engagement
  • How manager behaviour can be a threat to wellbeing, performance , productivity and engagement
  • Assessing manager behaviours
  • Assessing staff levels of engagement
  • The attributes, attitudes and behaviours that promote commitment and trust
  • The range of approaches available for changing manager behaviour
  • The techniques that bring a change in manager behaviour
  • How to apply these approaches in practice
  • The Return on Investment
  • Action planning

The aim of this seminar is to provide approaches to changing manager behaviour to achieve high strength staff engagement.

Who is this seminar for?

This seminar is for Managers, HR specialists, Occupational Health specialists, Organisation and Management Development specialists and anyone with an interest in wellbeing, performance and productivity at work.


Training style

This is a content-rich seminar so will have lecture-style input but will also be interactive with opportunities for questions. Delegates will be provided with access to extensive information resources to help them put into practice what they have learned in the seminar.

The programme can be tailored to the requirements of different organisations and groups.  MAS is always happy to pilot courses and carry out any necessary development, to ensure that training is fit for purpose and takes account of organisational policy and strategy.

Need more information?

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Need more information about this course?

Please call us on 01242 241882 or request more details here to discuss your training and development requirements and how our performance enhancing workshops can help your organisation.

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