Coaching for Teams

Coaching for teams

Coaching for teams

Well established teams are greater than the sum of their parts. Successful teams encounter minimal stress and optimal engagement.

They become energised by the interaction of team members, increasing motivation, resilience and performance. They become groups of people who trust each other and are committed to their work. Team members seek positive criticism of their work as a means of improving individual and team performance.

Dr Derek Mowbray provides performance enhancing approaches for top teams.

Dr Mowbray is a Chartered Psychologist and Scientist, with a doctorate in leadership, and is a Member of the British Psychological Society’s Specialist Group on Coaching Psychology which has the purpose of providing a clear focus on the psychological underpinnings of coaching and a consistent focus on quality and ethical practice.

Facilitated coaching is available to help develop teams using Cognitive Behaviour Coaching.

Typically, a coaching session lasts up to three hours. The number of sessions required depends on the requirements of the team.


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