Cognitive Coaching

Cognitive Coaching

Cognitive Coaching

Cognitive Coaching, or to give it its full name, Cognitive Behaviour Coaching (CBC) can be used to improve the behaviour of managers towards their staff, and help employees and managers cope with the consequences of adverse events and enhance their performance.

Cognitive Coaching Course Profile

Cognitive Coaching helps people to address and resolve problems and concerns by enabling them to think through and apply alternative strategies and solutions. The approach integrates thinking, behaviour, images and problem solving techniques within a cognitive behaviour framework to enable the coachee achieve realistic goals.

Cognitive Coaching helps people to improve their performance, personal resilience, enhance wellbeing, prevent stress and overcome barriers to change.

Course content

  • Problem identification
  • Realistic and relevant goal setting
  • Alternative solutions
  • Consideration of implications of solutions
  • Target most feasible solution
  • Implement chosen solution
  • Evaluation

Who should attend this course

Chief Executives, Executive Directors, Board Members, Senior Managers

About the course

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