Leaders Retreat

Leaders Retreat

Leaders Retreat

Leaders need to take time out to relax, think, meditate, reflect and learn. A Leaders' Retreat will enable them to do just this and will put the wind under their wings so they may soar above the turmoil!

Leaders' Retreat Profile

Most leaders find little time to relax, think, meditate, reflect and learn. The Leaders' Retreat is designed to achieve all these by carving out a time when a small group of leaders, up to five, can shut out the outside world and have the time and space to re-charge their batteries, and think freely without pressure.

The Leaders' Retreat works like a learning set with personal time available for personal activities including coaching if requested. The small group learns from each other in an atmosphere of relaxation with stimulus from an expert facilitator and other group members.

Course Expectations

For retreats of 3 days or longer, each morning is spent in a learning set, the agenda for which is set by the group. The afternoon is available for personal activities, reflection, physical activities and coaching if requested.

For retreats of 1 or 2 days the days will be spent largely in a learning set, with the agenda set by the group and facilitated by an expert facilitator


About the course

This course is tailored around the needs of the attendees. To discuss this course or arrange a meeting, please call 01242 241882 or email us to tell us a little more about your requirements.

Need More Information

Please call us on 01242 241882 or request more details here to discuss your training and development requirements and how our performance enhancing workshops can help your organisation.

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