Leadership Development Programme

Leadership Development Programme

Leadership Development Programme

Learn how to be an Adaptive Leader - someone who takes the lead and followers follow with energy, enthusiasm, commitment, trust and engagement.

Leadership Development Programme Course Profile

Leadership is about bringing along followers, encouraging them to perform to their optimum all the time. This includes encouraging participation, involvement and engagement with the activities the leader leads.

Our programme focuses on the approaches to leadership that build strong relationships between leaders and followers, based on wellbeing and performance.

Course Content


Self and understanding others, understanding situations and the environment, the power of emerging leaders, leading followers and team work, styles of leaders and their appropriate applications, criteria for successful leadership.

Leadership, wellbeing and performance

Understanding commitment, trust and employee engagement, developing commitment, trust and engagement at work, understanding and applying the psychological contract, building and sustaining a culture of wellbeing and performance.

Leadership and a Positive Work Culture

Learning about and implementing the 18 rules of Positive Work Cultures

Leadership interaction

Communication skills and leadership demeanour, interaction skills and managerial seduction, negotiating skills, positive interaction and assertiveness, presentation skills and public speaking.

Leading in adverse situations

Mergers, acquisitions and takeovers, change, adverse life events, uncertainty harassment, bullying, intimidation, insecurity, fear, unexpected events, loss and bereavement, isolation and excessive demands.


Who should attend this course

Executive Directors, Board Members, Senior Managers, Department Managers

About the course

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