Managing People Under Stress Seminar

Managing People Under Stress Seminar

Managing People Under Stress:  Enabling wellbeing and performance in tough times

This one day Masterclass Seminar in our Mindful Manager Series, is about how to maintain good performance, even in difficult times, whilst at the same time as reducing the levels of stress at work.

The challenge managers face is to get the same or better results with fewer resources, without causing stress which adds substantially to costs. Managers themselves are under pressure and they often lack both confidence and competence to deal with stress-related issues at work.

The biggest and by far the most costly problem is ‘presenteeism’ - where people are at work but under-performing because they suffer stress, fear they may lose their job, are physically ill and unhappy but cannot leave.

Seminar Content

This seminar provides managers with what they need to know and do to:

  • Understand wellbeing and performance at work
  • Understand the threats to wellbeing and performance
  • Understand the symptoms of individual stress
  • Assess the degree and level of presenteeism at work
  • Assess employee levels of vulnerability to stress
  • Understand the legal, HSE, financial and personal impact of stress at work
  • Manage stress at work
  • Create a comprehensive strategy for reducing and eliminating presenteeism due to stress at work
  • Build and sustain a culture and climate in their area that promotes the link between wellbeing, performance and productivity
  • Understand manager behaviour in eliminating stress and promoting wellbeing and performance
  • Build resilience amongst managers and employees at work
  • Manage their own stress

Who is it for?

Anyone with management responsibility – it is about making a difference within your area of control.

This workshop can be tailored to the requirements of different organisations and groups. MAS is always happy to pilot courses and carry out any necessary development, to ensure that training is fit for purpose and takes account of organisational policy and strategy.

For further information, or to book a place, please use the enquiry form below or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.

Need more information about this course?

Please call us on 01242 241882 or request more details here to discuss your training and development requirements and how our performance enhancing workshops can help your organisation.

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