Positive Work Culture Programme

Positive Work Culture Programme

Positive Work Culture Programme

The building and sustaining of a Positive Corporate Culture and a Positive Work Culture is a major step towards increasing wellbeing and performance of individuals and organisations.

The steps to be taken become the bloodstream of organisations resulting in trust, commitment and engagement of staff to their organisation that produces a result of improved performance and higher quality of service.

A Positive Work Place Culture requires cultural foundations of wellbeing and performance based on the principles of commitment, trust and engagement, together with the displays of manager behaviour that reflect these foundations.

Content summary

  • Cultural foundations
  • Organisational purpose
  • Organisational structure
  • The policies and processes for a positive work culture, including Challenges at work, Team working, Management encouragement, Work life balance, Openness, Manager behaviours, Communication, Involvement
  • Manager behaviours - Attentiveness, Intellectual flexibility, Reliability, Resolving conflicts, Encouragement
  • Engaging the top team
  • Strategies of change
  • Implementation

Who should attend this course

Chief Executives, Executive Directors, Board Members, Senior Managers

About the course

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