Resilience Training

Resilience Training

Resilience training for leaders, managers and individuals

Resilience is about building personal capacity to manage the risks of excessive demands and stresses without experiencing any personal stress.

Our Resilience training programmes cover Personal Resilience, Corporate Resilience and the Manager's Role in Resilience.

In our personal resilience training, we use an 8 element resilience framework that builds personal strength through approaches and techniques that assist individuals in personal control, and control in interacting with others. This is augmented by techniques for controlling excessive demands, culminating is an element that builds self confidence.

We offer the opportunity for individuals to assess their current levels of resilience using The Resilience Assessment Questionnaire. This helps identify where attention should be placed to build resilience capacity.

Our In house Resilience Training Programmes

Designed for: Purpose: Programmes:
All Personnel including Senior Managers and Line Managers Personal Resilience

Strengthening Personal Resilience

Cognitive Coaching

Senior Leaders and Managers Corporate Resilience


Building Corporate Resilience for wellbeing and performance

Senior Leaders and Managers
The Managers Role in the resilience of others


The Managers Role in Resilience



We provide a range of programmes to suit different requirements including short awareness raising sessions, day-long detailed workshops, bite sized sessions that focus on a single element at a time, and coaching for individuals seeking to build resilience in one to one sessions.

For senior management teams, we recommend small, day-long interactive workshops where participants have the opportunity to work on issues identified in our in-depth resilience questionnaire.

For larger groups, we can provide seminar style awareness sessions.


Derek Mowbrays Guide to Personal Resilience

Derek Mowbrays Guide to Corporate Resilience

Derek Mowbrays Guide to the Managers Role in Resilience

Derek Mowbrays Guide to Team Resilience

Resilience ELearning Programme

Find out more about our Resilience ELearning Programme.

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