Corporate Resilience

Corporate Resilience

Corporate Resilience

Resilient and healthy organisations have the capacity to respond quickly and effectively to internal and external pressures for change, and have a greater prospect of continuing success.

As organisations are formed of people working together for a common purpose, corporate resilience is, effectively, the accumulated resilience of individuals who make up the workforce.

However, the resilience of individuals is heavily influenced by the cultural context in which they work, together with the behaviours of leaders and managers who control the organisation, combined with the ease with which routine activities of daily working lives are carried out. If the working environment is positive, encouraging and provokes psychological wellbeing, the impact of this will pre-dispose most employees to have stronger attitudes towards challenging and adverse events.

If the workforce has strong attitudes towards challenging and adverse events, then the organisation as a whole will exhibit the characteristics of being flexible, adaptable and robust in the face of challenging pressures for change.

Corporate resilience focuses on creating the environment that pre-disposes the workforce to be resilient, so that the workforce as a whole makes the organisation resilient.

About our Corporate Resilience Programme

The problems at work.  A focus on:

  • The workforce at the centre of corporate strategy
  • The concepts of wellbeing and performance
  • The risks and threats facing organisations and the workforce
  • The concept of psychological presenteeism, its costs and impact on performance
  • Solutions - Introduction to The WellBeing and Performance Agenda

Strengthening corporate resilience.  A focus on:

  • The meaning of resilience
  • Corporate resilience as part of The WellBeing and Performance Agenda
  • The Charter for Wellbeing and Performance
  • Working through the Charter using the Guide to Corporate Resilience and its exercises.
  • Working in groups with plenary discussion.

The workshop can be facilitated for up to 12 individuals.

Each workshop uses a comprehensive workbook that enables people to re-visit the content and repeat and/or develop the exercises contained.

“Progress” sessions can also be provided to monitor and support development between one to six months following delivery.

About The Corporate Resilience Programme

This is an inhouse course that can be tailored to meet your particular needs. To discuss this Programme or arrange a meeting, please call 01242 241882 or use the form below to tell us a little more about your requirements.

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