The Manager's Role in Resilience

The Manager's Role in Resilience

The Manager's Role in Resilience
In house Programme

Resilience comes from having robust attitudes towards challenges that threaten the psychological health and wellbeing of individuals. The more robust the attitude, the more likely the person is to have a ‘will do’ approach to facing up to the challenge and addressing it without difficulty.

The Manager’s Role in Resilience is, therefore, two fold.

One is to ensure the workforce has a positive and robust attitude towards leaders and managers, so that the workforce has a ‘will do’ approach to those who manage their work.

The second is for managers to reduce and eliminate the events and behaviours in the workplace for which resilience may be needed.

This means creating a working environment that is positive and supportive of individuals’ psychological health and wellbeing, and less likely to cause stressful reactions from the workforce.

Managers at all levels of the organisation set the tone, the climate and the expectations for the workforce. They control a controlled community that we call the workplace. Managers wield enormous power over others. It is important that this power is used to achieve mental wellbeing and performance for organisations to achieve consistent peak performance.

This programme is designed to introduce the role of leaders and managers in the resilience of their teams. It is for leaders and managers, HR specialists, OD specialists and Occupational Health specialists

Note: Organisations should not view a resilience programme, either personal resilience or the manager's role in resilience, in isolation. Such programmes should be part of a transformation process to achieve peak performance throughout the organisation. Personal resilience can only go so far. Without the elements of corporate resilience in place (good culture, good management and a good working environment), there comes a time when individuals are unable to cope effectively with certain challenges, no matter how robust their personal resilience may be.

The Manager's Role in Resilience content:

In its one day format, the programme covers:

  • The roles of leaders and managers
  • The challenges they face
  • The impact of the challenges on the performance of the workforce
  • The events and behaviours for which personal resilience is needed
  • Understanding resilience
  • The Manager’s role in Resilience
  • To understand oneself as a manager and to be self aware of one’s own behaviours
  • To provide exercises that help the manager and team members strengthen their personal resilience
  • To prevent the events and behaviours from occurring in the first place for which resilience is needed by creating and sustaining a psychologically healthy workplace that squeezes out adverse events and behaviours
  • Exercises that help implement the Manager's role in resilience of the workforce.


This programme can be delivered in a variety of formats to suit different requirements and group sizes.

  • 1 to 2 hour - raising awareness programme which can be delivered to large audiences;
  • Half day workshop - raising awareness of the Manager's Role in Resilience with practical exercises, techniques and approaches;
  • One day workshop – raising awareness of the Manager's Role in Resilience with practical exercises, techniques and approaches;
  • Mentoring – practical guidance and support to individual leaders and managers;
  • Two day Masterclass on the Manager's Role in Resilience – for internal champions wishing to work with the managers in their organisation.
  • A train-the-trainer programme for trainers wishing to deliver our programme and materials.

Who should attend?

Senior teams, leaders, managers and internal champions such as specialists in human resources, organisation development, learning and development and occupational health.

More information

For further information about this in house The Managers Role in Resilience programme and to discuss running it in your organisation, please request more details here or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.


Derek Mowbrays Guide to the Managers Role in Resilience - this practical guide will provide a good picture of this programme.

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