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Tips for Strengthening Resilience when working from home

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Together Apart - Tips for Strengthening the Resilience of Remote Workers

Whilst there may be nothing we can do about the current decision to work remotely, caused by the COVID-19 crisis, we can control our response to this different way of working, and transform this situation into a challenge that we can rise up to and turn to our advantage.

To help people through this period, Dr Derek Mowbray has compiled a booklet of remote working tips to provide ideas for working remotely from the organisation’s base. These tips for remote workers cannot address all the challenges but we hope most will be applicable.

The tips mainly address remote workers who have jobs that require cognitive dexterity – who need space to think, to analyse, interpret, reflect, write and communicate with others; people who normally receive feedback on their work, who may receive supervision, fairly close management, and who may need to report their progress to others on a daily or regular basis

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Personality plays a part in life generally. It plays a particular part in our attitude to remote working. Those with a preference for socialising (between 60% and 75% of the population are extraverts) as a means of getting their energy, will find remote working more challenging than introverts who prefer to obtain their energy from self-reflection and reading. Those who like to plan and have a structured existence (a little over half the population and favouring females) may find structuring their remote working more easily achieved than those who enjoy flexibility and spontaneity, who may find the ‘freedom’ of remote working a joy but probably won’t get much work done!

Whilst many people enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working from home, some will need to strengthen their resilience against the possible effects of working remotely from others, such as coping with managers unskilled in the art of managing remote working, lack of motivation, isolation, boredom, a sense of abandonment, lack of feedback, and an inability to cope.

Derek has divided the tips into the following subjects:

  • resilience – what is it, and why do you need it?
  • tips for your control over remote working;
  • tips for your control over your psychological wellbeing when remote working;
  • tips for your control over your physical health when remote working;
  • tips for your control over working effectively with others when remote working;
  • tips for your control over your self-discipline when remote working.

Why use tips as a format? Tips are tips of icebergs – there is much more behind (or beneath) the tip than meets the eye. On the surface, a tip may sound simple, and common sense. However, tips require effort on your part when coming to apply them into practice. You will need to practice the tip until it becomes part of you, and you don’t need to think about it anymore.

We hope you find these tips for remote working and their explanations helpful and we wish you every success in achieving success, happiness and psychological wellbeing with your remote working.

Online Programmes for remote workers

We are able to offer some online programmes, via zoom, for your remote workers:

  • Strengthening Personal Resilience
  • Resilient Mindfulness
  • Flow time management

Plus our Personal Resilience ELearning Programmes

Call us now on 01242 241882 or contact us to discuss how we can help during this extraordinary period of challenge and remote working in Corona times.

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