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Comments from our first webinars on Corporate Resilience and Personal Resilience to a global client in Germany

  • Thank you very much! This was the best session I attended in weeks
  • Excellent session – thanks Derek and Bettina (Our Host) – definitely food for thought and action
  • Good tips. I like the one with the pictures for the rosy glow.
  • Many thanks – this is really helpful
  • A very useful session
  • Thanks for the session. Very interesting
  • A very good session! Thank you very much!

Comments from our workshop Measuring the Impact of Wellbeing on Performance

  • Enjoyed the afternoon and found it very informative, thanks
  • I found the workshop very informative and the topics generated some very interesting discussions. The speakers and their team were all very welcoming.
  • I enjoyed and found the session of value.
  • An excellent and thought provoking session.
  • It was fantastic. Thank you for organising such a useful workshop.
  • An enjoyable and valuable event - many thanks to you for organising

I'm emailing to tell you how much I enjoyed your talk yesterday at our manager’s forum. It was indeed the most interesting and useful input at the forum I have ever experienced and I really enjoyed it.

Following talk at Managers Forum at Sandwell County Council

Thank you for your most informative input to CIPD seminar in Belfast last Wed. We really could have listened to you all day. I am sorry you had to rush your wonderful content. 

Principal at Department of Education & Training, Belfast


Comments from attendees to Prof Mowbray’s Resilience workshop at the CIPD Annual Conference:

  • Thought provoking. Stimulating. Useful for self and others.
  • Best workshop I have attended so far. Really useful tools/ techniques to take back to the workplace and include in my organisational resilience action plan.
  • The delivery was very good, I learnt so much. The approach was excellent. The exercises beneficial.
  • Very enjoyable and useful on a personal and work level.
  • Very good explanation of psychology, and increasing awareness.

Comments from attendees to Prof Mowbray’s Resilience workshop at CIPD Event in Belfast:

  • Would have been good to have time for more detail from Professor Mowbray.
  • Very though provoking ideas.
  • Professor Mowbray – extremely interesting.
  • Brilliant
  • Very interesting – great motivating speaker.
  • Would have liked Professor Mowbray’s session to have been longer, allowing greater exploration of the subject.
  • Very good.
  • Professor Mowbray’s presentation was particularly useful.

Feedback from your presentation was very positive - staff were very engaged with the ideas and frameworks that you presented and the way in which you humanised and made them real with examples - and found the topic fascinating. It was great to have such a large area covered in such a concise and clear way that didn't minimise the issues but made them accessible too.

Consultant Lead Psychologist in Health and Work

Could you please pass on our thanks to Derek for a super presentation on Stress Prevention? It was very well received by the Heads of Department!

Government Department

Following attendance at your workshop, I delivered a short presentation to some staff about resilience recently and it received a lot of favourable comments. My own personal resilience has definitely improved thanks to the course.  

Head of Faculty, Cumbernauld College following attendance at MAS Resilience Workshop

Lots of useful tips to try out; made me challenge my belief that I would always be lacking in self confidence. Thank you. Definitely – lots of food for thought; definitely.

Manager, University of Gloucestershire following attendance at MAS Resilience Workshop

I attended your Developing a Resilient Leadership Style workshop recently and took away tips and frameworks to help me manage and lead even better! I have the Goldfish Bowl story right in front of me to refer to & apply daily. I have also written down my Vision & Objectives to help me to achieve both career and personal ambitions – I won’t copy that to you though!

Head of Department, London Borough

Many thanks for a wonderful session at the RCGP Conference in Liverpool - an excellent and inspiring workshop on organisational, professional and personal well being

Profession Lead, RCGP

Very enjoyable day, Prof Mowbray was excellent.

Following Welsh Healthcare People Management Association Conference

Thank you again, Derek - I always enjoy reading your thoughts on wellbeing and performance - you have now been placed in my "inspirational thinkers" box, alongside Carol Black and David Cameron.

James Herbert, Mindful Employer North East - Following a mailing

MANY thanks again for an excellent day packed with stimulating, culture-changing and thought-provoking stuff; a veritable goldmine. Derek was a star, as I knew he would be. Now the task is to take on the intransigence of NHS culture...... 

Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Professional Lead, Psychological Services, NHS

Just to say that we really enjoyed Derek's workshop on 25th May in London. Lots of fascinating stuff and great ideas. Please thank Derek from us both for an inspiring day. 

Training Manager, NHS Isle of Wight

I just want to feed back that I found the day very stimulating and personally got a lot out of it as well as being helpful to take ideas back to my department for further discussion in terms of our future direction.

Psychologist – following 100 Flowers Workshop for psychologists

Very enjoyable day, Prof Mowbray was excellent.

Following HPMA Conference

Excellent workshop – good engagement from everyone and easy to follow concepts which we can all apply.  

Senior Manager, Scottish Executive


Senior Manager, Roche, San Francisco following Resilience workshop

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for inviting me to the above seminar. I found the day to be extremely useful and very educational.  

Manager, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Thanks for the resources, really enjoyed the day at Liverpool and have used lots of the material already in training sessions. It is likely that we will be doing some work with managers soon as part of a leadership programme that we are delivering in house, so many of the techniques you demonstrated will be useful for these sessions. Can’t think of anything that I would have wanted more of in the sessions I found the whole day interesting and of value to my role at work.  

Senior Team Lead Education Training and Development Fairfield General Hospital

I attended the event in Liverpool last week and found it very useful. It was particularly helpful in looking at the organisational aspects of a wellbeing programme and the importance of working up and embedding the management codes. 

Principal Health & Safety Adviser, The Personnel Office, IOM Government

Thank you for this excellent article. People who have been affected by stress are often disappointed to find that academia has misunderstood the problem and defined it in gobbledegook terminology that misses too many points. Your article, on the other hand, is in clear language that hits the mark in every respect.

Adrian Melia,

I have just read your presentation "A Positive Work Culture ..."Exactly what it says on the tin, an absolute must read for any company wishing to follow the road to success in today’s competitive marketplace. Your content and layout made it so easy to understand 


It was a pleasure to meet you at the HSJ World Class Workforce conference. Your session was well received and I personally enjoyed it very much. I would like to thank you for the time and effort you invested in preparation for this conference. Overall the feedback was very positive, which is a testament to the great presentations, and enthusiasm about the subject. Once again, many thanks for the knowledge and enthusiasm you brought to this event; and for making it an important and memorable day for all involved. 

Sarah Feurey, HSJ Conference

Thank you so much for your kindness and support today - and for stepping into Dame Carol's slot at the last moment. Your presentation went down very well indeed and I received a number of comments about how perfectly focussed it was on the three Rs. (Resilience | Recovery | Reputation) 

David Latham, MINDFUL EMPLOYER, Richmond Fellowship Wiltshire

As usual, sage remarks. Mowbray should rule the world.  Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Head of Psychological Services

From one of the most refreshingly visionary voices in the NHS today. EVERYONE should be listening to what Professor Mowbray is saying. 

Unison NUH Branch

Derek Mowbray is remembered in the UK for producing the MAS Report, a national review of the profession, in 1989. This had a profound impact on the organisation of services and was quoted as one of the ten best pieces of research in psychology of that period. 



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