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Personal Resilience - ELearning Programme

Personal Resilience - ELearning programme


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Personal Resilience - ELearning Programme

We are proud to offer our highly acclaimed Personal Resilience Programme to organisations and individuals in an elearning format. This Resilience ELearning Programme, designed by leading psychologist Professor Derek Mowbray, helps individuals develop a resilient attitude to challenging events and difficult behaviours, the principal causes of stress at work.

Contact us to arrange a trial of our Personal Resilience ELearning Programmes for your organisation or click here to purchase a single user licence for our IN-DEPTH Personal Resilience Programme.

What will be learnt?

  • Self-worth and personal credibility
  • Self-confidence leading to better performance
  • How to communicate and interact better with colleagues
  • Self-awareness, giving you better control over your attitudes to challenging situations
  • Flexible behaviour, leading to better relationships and performance at work
  • Self-belief so that you can better influence those around you
  • Ability to withstand pressure, tension, strain and stress both at home and at work
  • Psychological health and wellbeing

The programme builds the confidence of individuals in themselves, their own abilities and strengths and, using this confidence, helps them to take control of challenging events and behaviours that may be perceived as threatening. This significantly reduces the impact such challenges may have on the individual, enabling them to continue performing effectively.

Benefits and outcomes of our resilience programme

Our comprehensive Resilience ELearning Programme will help individuals:

  • reduce stress,
  • strengthen personal resilience,
  • improve mental wellbeing,
  • cope better with challenging events and behaviours at work, and
  • improve productivity.

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Our approach to strengthening personal resilience

Resilience is having a resilient attitude about yourself, the challenges you face and the difficult behaviours you encounter.

Building and strengthening our resilience helps us to view our world in a manner that places us in control. We can begin to see the funny side of things going on around us because we know we can cope, we can rise up to and deal with any challenges that come our way.

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Blended learning approach

To ensure maximum benefit is achieved with our Resilience ELearning Programme, we offer a number of face-to-face programmes to accompany the elearning. These include:

  • An internal champions briefing for support personnel such as OH, HR, H & S, L & D. Ideally this is provided as a one day masterclass to explain the psychology behind resilience and the programme, the questionnaires and the exercises so that internal champions can provide support for those doing the elearning programme.
  • A short overview/awareness session on resilience for senior management.
  • The Manager's Role in Resilience Programme which looks at the risks, threats and behaviours that cause individuals to call on their resilience and how these can be prevented.
  • An introductory session on resilience, designed for large audiences to introduce the Personal Resilience Programme - ideal for a health and wellbeing day.

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Purchase an individual licence for our IN-DEPTH Resilience ELearning programme

An individual licence can be bought on the purchase page or from the purchase image icon.

Organisation licence

Call us now on 01242 241882 for further information and to discuss implementing our Personal Resilience ELearning Programme in your organisation or request more details here.


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