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Personal Resilience ELearning Programme - technical details

Personal Resilience ELearning Programme -
technical details

The programme is made up of text and graphics and is constructed as a number of units, each of which is a single web page. These pages can be deployed on third party or self hosted servers, can be integrated within an LMS of choice, treated as a number of separate units with their own URLs, or as a complete unit with a single URL.

Contact us to arrange a trial of our Personal Resilience ELearning Programme for your organisation or click here to purchase a single user licence.

Technical details

The MAS elearning system has been built with standard web tools, HTML5 css3 and Javascript. It can be accessed from most modern browsers, and is hosted on a standard ISP host server.

Where organisations require high volume multiple access, or where local security issues preclude links to external servers, the programme can be deployed as standard HTML pages stored on local servers.

Purchase an individual licence for our Resilience ELearning programme

An individual licence can be bought on the purchase page or from the purchase image icon.

Organisation licence

Call us now on 01242 241882 for further information and to discuss implementing our Personal Resilience ELearning Programme in your organisation or request more details here.


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