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Personal Resilience ELearning Programmes -
a blended learning approach

Blended learning approach to personal resilience

We would like our elearning programmes to make a real, sustainable difference when installed within organisations.

A personal resilience programme can only go so far on its own. Without the elements of corporate resilience in place (positive culture, good management and a healthy working environment), there comes a time when individuals are unable to cope effectively with certain challenges, no matter how robust their personal resilience may be.

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Organisations should not view a resilience programme in isolation, particularly a programme designed for remote use. Resilience needs to be viewed as part of a transformation process to achieve peak performance throughout the organisation.

To achieve this, we recommend a blended learning approach to our Personal Resilience ELearning Programme. This can be a mix of actions that you as an organisation can take and the complementary programmes that we have to offer. For example:

  • Senior teams should be aware and involved in the launch of the programme so that they can give their support and encouragement.
  • Programmse should be introduced and linked to the business strategy so that it is not seen as a programme in isolation but part of a genuine approach towards the prevention of stress and a wellbeing and performance agenda throughout the organisation.
  • Managers should be prepared and aware of the programme – ideally they should have access to the programme prior to rolling it out to the workforce. It will give them a good insight to the threats and behaviours that cause people to have to call on their resilience, as well as helping them to be more resilient. Ideally they should also attend a programme around the manager’s role in resilience.
  • Internal champions need to reinforce the learning in the programme and encourage people to use what they have learned in their daily working lives. Internal champions can provide coaching and reinforcement of the messages in the programme.
  • Action learning sets can help offset the limitations of remote learning.  Internal champions can bring people together in small groups to discuss the programme, how they felt about it and what they found out about themselves. Short sessions over a cup of coffee can make a big difference.

How we can help

We recommend that our Resilience E-Learning Programmes are accompanied ideally by all of the following:

  • face to face workshops for internal champions,
  • awareness sessions,
  • training for leaders and managers in the Leader’s and Manager’s Role in Resilience and the Wellbeing and Performance Agenda.

The programmes are also complemented by Derek Mowbray’s Guide to Personal Resilience together with our other Guides that paint the bigger picture of the Wellbeing and Performance Agenda and explain where resilience fits.

Programmes to accompany and introduce our Resilience ELearning Programme

  • Resilience - the whole picture – a programme for internal champions of wellbeing so they can support those completing the ELearning Personal Resilience Programme.
  • The Manager’s Role in Resilience and Performance – a programme to provide awareness for managers of the risks and threats that cause the workforce to experience psychological distress and call on their personal resilience.
  • The Senior Team’s Role in Resilience and Performance – as above but with more emphasis on areas controlled and influenced by the senior team – culture, corporate values, intelligent behaviour etc.
  • The Resilient Workforce – short awareness session in Resilience (maybe as part of Wellbeing days) to introduce the subject of resilience and provide an overview of the elearning programme, explaining the benefits and giving encouragement to individuals to embark on the programme. An ideal time for senior management to demonstrate that they are on-board and supporting the project.

Providing these interventions will dramatically increase the likelihood that what is learned in the programme will make a real difference to individual and organisational performance.

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