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Resilience ELearning Programmes - benefits and outcomes

Personal Resilience ELearning Programmes -
benefits and outcomes

Our elearning programmes on building Personal Resilience have been created by leading psychologist Dr Derek Mowbray, an expert in the field of stress prevention. Based on our mature, highly acclaimed one day workshop programme on strengthening personal resilience, they provide, in 2 formats, high quality, web-based learning that will work on most pc’s, hand held devices and current browsers.

Contact us to arrange a trial of our Personal Resilience ELearning Programmes for your organisation or click here to purchase a single user licence for our IN-DEPTH Personal Resilience Programme.

Our Resilience ELearning Programme is a comprehensive programme to:

  • reduce stress,
  • provide an understanding of resilience and how to strengthen personal resilience
  • encourage mental wellbeing, and
  • improve productivity

The IN-DEPTH version of the programme provides access to 2 important questionnaires – the Resilience Assessment Questionnaire (RAQ40) and the Personal Values Questionnaire and is accompanied by an Exercise Book to enhance learning.

Benefits for individuals

  • Understand and recognise the effects and causes of stress
  • Know how to improve coping and managing stress more effectively
  • Understand what is meant by resilience
  • Recognise the threats and behaviours that cause you to call on your resilience
  • Learn about who you are and where you want to go – your values and what drives you
  • Understand how you evaluate and form an attitude to events and threats
  • Assess and evaluate your own level of resilience - completion of Resilience Assessment Questionnaire
  • Understand the approaches and techniques to develop a resilient attitude
  • Learn practical techniques for self development and reinforcement of resilience
  • Clarify personal vision and goals
  • Find out what you really, really want to do
  • Build your strength and determination to succeed in difficult times
  • Acquire the skills to remain in control
  • Assess and build relationships with people who will help you succeed
  • Develop the capacity to solve problems and rise to challenges
  • Improve organisational skills when chaos is all around you
  • Build and demonstrate your personal self‐confidence
  • Enhance your mental wellbeing
  • Boost personal control and flexibility
  • Assess and improve behaviours that increase resilience
  • Apply your resilience to challenges at work
  • Improve life balance
  • Create your own strengthening resilience plan

Benefits for organisations

  • With a flexible blended learning approach, our programmes will make a sustainable, enduring difference for individuals and organisations
  • Individuals can dip into the programme in bite-sized chunks, at a time to suit them
  • No need to take a day out to attend a workshop
  • Individuals can work at their own pace
  • Individuals can spend additional time on areas identified as weak by the Resilience Assessment Questionnaire
  • An ideal way of providing important learning to busy or remote workers
  • Improved resilience will help reduce stress levels and improve the ability to concentrate and focus on work. As a result, productivity will be improved, particularly when part of an overall change in culture, manager behaviour and the organisation putting the workforce at the heart of its operation.

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