Positive Corporate Culture

Positive Corporate Culture

Positive Corporate Culture

A Positive Corporate Culture lays the foundations for a Positive Work Culture.

Both require cultural foundations of wellbeing and performance based on the principles of commitment, trust and engagement, together with the displays of manager behaviour that reflect these foundations.

Managers influence the ways in which people behave towards each other, and if the behaviour is based on commitment, trust and engagement, employees respond by feeling psychologically well and working at their peak level of performance.

Characteristics of a positive corporate culture and a positive work place culture

  • A clear, unambiguous purpose, expressed as a simple ‘big idea’, an idea which all staff relate to closely, and are proud to discuss with friends and colleagues.
  • An atmosphere of confidence, where all the staff are interested in each other, support each other, and project this confidence towards clients and customers.
  • Staff who behave respectfully towards each other, value each other’s views and opinions, work in teams which are places of mutual support, where anything is debated without a hint of humiliation, where the critique of the individual and team work is welcomed, discussed and where lessons are learnt and implemented.
  • Staff who ‘go the extra mile’ by providing unsolicited ideas, thoughts, stimulus to each other, and where their interests in their customers and clients offers something that is more than expected, beyond courtesy, and beyond service, offering attentiveness and personal interest.
  • Challenges for their staff, that provide opportunities for personal development though new experiences, and which treat everyone with fairness and understanding.
  • Staff who are personally driven towards organisational and personal success – intellectually, financially, socially and emotionally.

Positive Corporate Culture

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Return on Investment

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Positive corporate culture programme

Our Positive Corporate Culture Programme provides the approaches and steps to be taken to build and sustain a Positive Corporate Culture.

Programmes related to a positive corporate culture

Wellbeing and Performance Programme

OrganisationHealth Development Programme


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