Managing Wellbeing and Preventing Stress

Managing Wellbeing and Preventing Stress

Managing Wellbeing and Preventing Stress at Work

This one day masterclass looks at organisational and management actions that improve wellbeing and prevent work-related stress. It also provides practical guidance on effective wellbeing interventions and shows how the return-on-investment can be measured.



The background

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) recently introduced guidance for employers on ‘Promoting mental wellbeing through productive and healthy working conditions’. This guidance is very important for all UK employers and their employees as it marks a shift in Government policy away from a health and safety risk emphasis on managing negative stress towards one of actively promoting mental health, wellbeing and performance.

NICE’s guidance is also in tune with other recent initiatives such as:

  • The Boorman Report on NHS staff health and wellbeing, which looked at improving organisational and management behaviours in the NHS and embedding staff health and wellbeing into NHS systems and operations.
  • The ‘Working our way to better mental health’ strategy, described as the Government’s first ever mental health and employment strategy, which was released in conjunction with the New Horizons report that looked at improving mental health and wellbeing generally and the Perkins Review that looked at employment, health and support for those out of work with mental health problems, and;
  • Engaging for Success’, David MacLeod’s Review of Employee Engagement for the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, which looked at the evidence and business case for the link between employee engagement and performance.

NICE estimates the annual cost of mental ill health to an organisation with 1000 employees to be £753,950, or £754 per employee per year. Using tools specifically developed for calculating the return on investment of wellbeing interventions, NICE calculates that improving the management of mental health in the workplace (including prevention and early identification of problems) could save a similarly-sized organisation £226,200 or £226 per employee.

This seminar, presented by Professor Derek Mowbray, therefore aims to raise awareness of the NICE guidance and the other UK Government initiatives and to provide practical advice on how to implement the guidance in your workplace so that staff wellbeing and performance improves in measurable ways.


Course content

  • The new NICE guidance on Promoting Mental Wellbeing at Work: What is it and who is it for?
  • How this links to and builds on previous Government initiatives e.g. HSE Management Standards (Stress);
  • Why an emphasis on enhancing wellbeing is likely to be much more effective than the old emphasis on reducing stress?
  • The links between mental wellbeing and performance: organisational, individual
  • How to calculate the cost of mental ill health in your organisation
  • Reliable, valid and effective tools for measuring mental wellbeing at work
  • The Wellbeing and Performance Agenda: Introduction
  • Implementing a Wellbeing and Performance Agenda: a Framework you can use for Wellbeing Strategies
  • Creating a Positive Working Culture
  • Generating Employee Engagement
  • The role of managers in managing mental ill health and promoting mental wellbeing; training implications
  • Interventions for all employees: prevention, resilience, stress management
  • Effective Support structures
  • Evaluating the success of your wellbeing strategies and interventions; Measurement tools and ROI tools you can use
  • Next steps, action planning
  • Questions, evaluation and close

Who should attend this course

This masterclass seminar is relevant for anyone with a direct or indirect role in, and responsibility for, promoting mental wellbeing at work. For example: HR/Personnel, Occupational Health, Health & Safety, Organisational Development or Staff Development Managers, Trade Union / Health & Safety Reps, Internal/External Wellbeing Consultants, Directors of Small to Medium-sized Organisations, Anyone with an interest in Employee Wellbeing. It is appropriate for organisations of any size.

The presenters

Training style

This is a content-rich seminar so will have lecture-style input but will also be interactive where possible and have opportunities for questions. Delegates will also be provided with access to extensive information resources to help them promote mental wellbeing at work and implement a wellbeing and performance agenda in their workplace.

In-house Workshop

This seminar is available as an in-house seminar - suitable where you have a number of managers or employees who would benefit from it. Please contact us to discuss running this performance enhancing workshop in your organisation.

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