Positive Corporate Culture - Return on Investment

Positive Corporate Culture - Return on Investment

Positive Corporate Culture - Return on Investment

The building and sustaining of a Positive Corporate Culture and a Positive Work Culture is a major step towards increasing wellbeing and performance of individuals and organisations. The steps to be taken become the bloodstream of organisations resulting in trust, commitment and engagement of staff to their organisation that produces a result of improved performance and higher quality of service.

The cultural foundations described by Professor Mowbray in our Positive Corporate Culture Programme will enable leaders to display behaviours and subtle signals that encourage and engage staff to help them work in harmony for a relatively minor investment.

The challenges to management

The challenges include:

  • Under performance
  • Levels of presenteeism
  • Levels of sickness absence
  • Levels of staff turnover
  • Staff taking out grievance proceedings
  • Managers engaged in disciplinary proceedings

The investment required by management and staff to achieve a positive corporate culture

The investment includes a selection from:

  • Time of managers spent in development
  • Time of staff spent in development
  • Costs of facilitator, coach, trainer and psychologist
  • Costs of licence to use Alchemy for Managers
  • Costs of Executives Retreat

Return on Investment

The return on investment of a positive corporate culture includes the following benefits:

  • Personal development
  • Personal standards raised
  • Inspiration
  • Increased performance
  • Reduced levels of presenteeism
  • Reduced levels of sickness absence
  • Reduced levels of staff turnover
  • Increased learning
  • Increase levels of job satisfaction
  • Greater concentration on work
  • More management time devoted to key management activities
  • Improved team working
  • Improved trust and commitment of staff to the organisation
  • Increase market share
  • Less errors and mistakes
  • Increased contribution by employees to the wider organisation
  • Less resource wastage
  • Increased attractiveness as employer/employer of choice

Our Positive Work Culture Programme provides the approaches and steps to be taken to build and sustain a Positive Corporate Culture.

Programmes related to a positive work culture

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