Wellbeing and Performance

Wellbeing and Performance

Wellbeing and Performance

The better people feel at work the greater their contribution, the higher their personal performance, the performance of their organisation, and the increased value of each pound spent.

The link between well being and performance has been long established and makes common sense - people who feel well at work perform better than people who feel ill. Yet, it is taking a very long time for senior managers to understand the link and the return on investment when you build a positive work culture that minimises the risks of staff feeling unwell due to stress.

For further information, see Professor Derek Mowbray's Guide to the Wellbeing and Performance Agenda.

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Wellbeing and Performance

Wellbeing and Performance occurs most frequently in organisations with Positive Work Cultures. These are cultures that promote well being as part of the bloodstream of the organisation and are based on commitment, trust and engagement between managers and staff.

Wellbeing is a requirement for high personal and organisational performance. People who feel well are:

  • better able to concentrate
  • have energy and motivation to work well
  • have the inner resilience to be persistent
  • determined to achieve high levels of performance

Wellbeing is a very personal sense of feeling well. It is possible to be diagnosed with a serious illness yet feel well. Equally it is possible to feel unwell and suffer no diagnosed illness (a hangover, for example).

A positive work culture is based on building the context within which people are expected to work, the behaviours people are expected to exhibit, and the actions people are expected to take.

The cultural “foundations” need to promote well being and performance, and the display of behaviours needs to reinforce this by reflecting this culture.

Performance is about:

  • being able to achieve a goal by taking actions that are appropriate
  • efficacious (i.e. actions that produce the desired result),
  • effective (i.e. actions that have an impact)
  • efficient (i.e. with minimal resources, personal, or financial, for maximum performance) by ensuring complete concentration without deviation, repeating anything or hesitation

Our Programmes for Wellbeing and Performance link wellbeing with performance. The programme covers coping with psychological distress; building resilience against psychological distress and preventing psychological distress from occurring in the first place.


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