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Adaptive Leadership

Adaptive Leadership

15 August 2017, Central London - facilitated by Professor Derek Mowbray


The involvement of the workforce in the way an organisation is managed and the key decisions it takes is a recipe for success. It leads to greater engagement by the workforce in the organisation, with the consequences of a sense of ‘ownership’ and influence.

Achieving this requires a form of leadership known as Adaptive Leadership - a style which recognises the value of individual employees and their contribution to the success of the business or service.

This style of leadership has a profound impact on the wellbeing and performance of the workforce. It is a style that helps to embed an adaptive and positive work culture into organisations and encourages sharing responsibility for the future success of the organisation/team/department/group/ with everyone, so that everyone has a stake and is expected to make a positive contribution to future success.


The challenge – adapting to internal and external pressures for change

The principal components of Adaptive Leadership:

  • Shared responsibility for the success of the organisation amongst all the workforce
  • Exposure of ‘Elephants in the Room’ and addressing them robustly
  • Independent thinking by the whole workforce is expected
  • Institutionalised learning is embedded in daily processes
  • A focus on Adaptive Leadership – what it is, why implement it and what are the benefits?
  • The Adaptive Leadership Questionnaire
  • Exercises in Adaptive Leadership
  • Implementing Adaptive Leadership.

The six building blocks to Adaptive Leadership - self, self as leader, followers, emerging leaders, context, judges.

The attributes of Adaptive Leaders - attentiveness, attitude, humour, encouragement, conflict management, reliability, intellectual flexibility, humanity.


  • Participants will be introduced to the characteristics of Adaptive Leadership and the impact of this style of leadership on the wellbeing and performance of employees and managers.
  • Participants will be able to practice applying this style to their own circumstances.

Seminar duration

This seminar is a half day awareness programme.

Who should attend?

This seminar is designed to introduce the the principles of Adaptive Leadershop to leaders and senior managers and those with an interest in the wellbeing and performance of their organisation.

In-house programme - Understanding the Wellbeing and Performance Agenda

We can provide this seminar as an in-house programme for the leaders and managers in your organisation. For further information, please request more details here or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.


The cost for a single place is £175 + VAT = (£210)

Discounts may be available for multiple places booked on behalf of a single organisation

Adaptive Leadership

15 August 2017, Central London

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For further information and to book, please request more details here or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.


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