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iFLOW Time Mastery

iFLOW Time Mastery

An in-house online training programme for your remote workers, delivered as 3 x 2 hour workshops, via Zoom.

iFLOW is like time management, but updated for the 21st Century – for a world of constant change, high expectations, tight deadlines and information overload.

What’s different about iFLOW? .

  • States of flow: Although iFLOW starts with getting organised around a clear set of priorities, it’s ultimately about getting absorbed into states of “flow” – peak performance that’s enjoyable and sustainable.
  • Bespoke: iFLOW doesn’t ask you to work Stephen Covey’s way or David Allen’s way. Instead, it helps you generate systems and habits that are right for you, your role, and the way you work best
  • Quick and efficient progress: iFLOW doesn’t ask you to abandon your current systems and start over. Instead, there’s a “Universal Workflow” model to help you build on what’s already working, with a series of small steps to make a big difference.

The result is more time and energy focused on what matters most; better results, in less time, with less stress.

Workshop 1: Dealing with Overload

  • Universal Workflow – the 7 systems that need to be in place for optimal, low-stress performance
  • Pinpointing what’s working well, and what most needs improving
  • Dealing with Email Overload
  • Efficiently handling high volumes of email & other input
  • Reaching “inbox zero” on a regular basis
  • Building a “sphere of personal productivity” within which you can be productive

Workshop 2: Enjoyable High Performance

  • iFLOW: the 4 conditions for highly enjoyable high performance
  • Beyond the To-Do list – Action Planning Systems for high demand situations
  • Getting concerns off your mind (so they don’t wake you up at 3 in the morning)
  • Creating confidence that nothing important is being overlooked
  • Maintaining appropriate boundaries between home and work life, even when working from home
  • Eliminating procrastination, even with multiple competing and changing priorities
  • Creating feelings of enjoyment and satisfaction (that make high performance truly sustainable)

Workshop 3: High-Impact Focus

  • Clarifying your aims and priorities – in a way that enables you to stay on track amidst constant change
  • Protecting your priorities, so it’s possible to focus on what matters most
  • The Positive No: negotiating workload and maintaining focus without damaging relationships
  • Making sure the most important projects move fastest
  • Making high performance sustainable


For remote workers, we recommend dividing the programme into 3 x 2 hour training workshops, spread over a week or so. We have found that delivering an on-line programme for longer periods is hard on the delegates. Each session would boost energy and productivity for that day, as well as developing peoples' sustainable Time Mastery skills and systems for the future.

The programme will be tailored to the specific needs of the participants, with more focus being given to what’s most important for them at the time.

The trainer

The designer and trainer for this programme is Roy Marriott.

Roy is an accredited Mindfulness trainer, a management trainer and coach, and a designer of training models. He specialises in helping people thrive in times of constant challenge and change.

Roy has been developing and delivering live, interactive online training workshops since 2012. He has sourced technologies and evolved coaching methods that help make these events fun and highly engaging – one participant described them as “95% of the experience of being in the room together.”

Roy has delivered training to organisations such as the Volkswagen, European Patent Office, European Space Agency, ARM, Bain Consulting, Nestle, Cambridge University, Bupa, the Nationwide Building Society, the National Australia Bank and others around the UK and northern Europe.

Client feedback

Clearing my inbox is invaluable - it is helping me be so much more purposeful. Since the course I’ve become more productive and responsible – I always remember to follow things through, which saves me heartache and embarrassment.
Karen Lewis, who oversees 4500 people at Seachurches Singapore

With my new system, I can easily see my existing commitments and be much more realistic about saying yes or no to new ones.
James Sessions, Team Manager

I rate this programme 10/10. It's helped me be more efficient, get things done on time andprioritize better. I'm now fresher and more relaxed, happier and more available to my team members.
Isabelle Felix, International Logistics Team Manager, UK Retail Chain

For further information and to discuss running this online programme in your organisation, please request more details here or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.


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