Training Programmes

Delivering Highly Engaging Remote (and Hybrid) Meetings

3 hour live, interactive, online programme, delivered via Zoom or MS Teams for managers, leaders and facilitators

Would you like to learn how to make your remote meetings so engaging they feel just as good as being in the same room together?

Would you like to be able to get the same outcomes you could in an in-the-room setting, or perhaps even better?

Would you like to learn about the tools that make this possible, how to choose what's right for your subject and participants, and develop the skills to make it all flow smoothly for everyone?

In our new world of remote and hybrid working, meetings take on a newly pivotal role. On the one hand, it's a time that people come together with their colleagues and build the dynamics essential for high performance teamwork and collaboration. On the other hand, they can be the biggest waste of everyone’s time, draining people's energy for very little benefit. And it can be hard to keep peoples' attention - they have all the distractions of the internet literally at their fingertips, and there's always more on the to-do list and arriving in the inbox.

So, how can you make remote meetings highly effective and engaging?

The answer is a careful blend of technology and facilitation skills, bringing people together in productive and engaging ways, so they develop their working relationships and make rapid, highly effective progress.

Our 3 hr programme, which can be delivered on MS Teams or Zoom, is tailored each time for the individual participants and their needs, covering topics such as:

Create energy, engagement and contribution in your meetings – starting with the agenda and meeting invite all the way through to the follow-up session.

  • 6 part engAge mode for making remote collaboration highly engaging and productive
  • 9 ways to avoid death-by-PowerPoint.

The technology involved in high engagement meetings, and how it all fits together

  • Equivalents of flip-charts, post-it and white boards for remote meetings
  • The beneficial use of breakout rooms.

Technology skills:

  • How to run breakouts in MS Teams
  • How to generate a board for post-its, gather input onto a flip-chart equivalent and how to set up a document for remote collaboration. (N.B. in the workshop there will just be a quick overview – a KnowledgeBase will be provided with detailed instructions, and participants will be encouraged to practice after the session).


  • Ways to gather input, collaborate and produce documents together without being in the same room
  • Interaction techniques and making sure everyone has a voice
  • Ways to prioritise and devote time to the most important topics.

Choosing the meeting format:

  • In-the-room vs. remote vs. hybrid – pros, cons, applicability
  • Tips on running hybrid meetings (with some participants in the room, and others remote)
  • Preparation for remote/hybrid meetings – technical preparation, room setup, meeting design and preparing people.

The Trainer

Roy Marriott is one of our most experienced trainers who has been delivering live, interactive online training workshops since 2012. He makes them fun, engaging and highly effective – one participant described them as “95% of the experience of being in the room together.”

In-house Programmes

This workshop is provided as an in-house session for your managers and facilitators. For further information, please request more details here or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.


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