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Remote training - tips to boost engagement

Taking your Training Remote

Remote Training - Tips to Boost Engagement

8 Ways to Boost Engagement in Remote Workshops

When you’re running a workshop or meeting remotely, it can be a real challenge to keep people engaged. After all, you’re competing with all the distractions of the internet and all the comforts of home – not to mention the ever pressing need to keep on top of emails!

  1. 1. Use tech to pique interest. Whether it's a zoom poll, a Slido word-cloud or a Jamboard of post-it notes, a new way of interacting can really grab peoples' attention.
  2. 2. ...But not too much! Too much tech will overwhelm at least some of your participants, so only use it when it adds real value and it's fun & easy to use.
  3. 3. Ask confidence-inspiring questions. At the start of my resilience training, I ask "of all the things you're doing in your work at the moment, which are you most pleased with?". This helps people feel confident, reminds them of the resilience they already have, and primes them to learn more.
  4. 4. Get people interacting. In that same resilience training, I don't just ask that confidence-boosting question myself; I invite them into pairs in breakouts, so they can ask each other and have longer to listen to the answer. That creates stronger connections and a positive, confident atmosphere in the group - all of which helps keep people engaged.
  5. 5. Build in frequent breaks. Zoom fatigue is real! Build in a short break every 45-60 minutes, to help keep people fresh.
  6. 6. Tailor to your audience. Every time I run my "Taking Your Training Remote" programme it's different - because different people show up, wanting to learn different things. So make sure you know what your particular participants want to learn, and tailor your training to their needs.
  7. 7. Tailor the Tech too. If you’re working with a one-off group of technophobes, you probably don’t want to stray outside of Teams, Zoom or whatever they’re used to. But if you’re working with a team for a long period, and they’re fairly tech-savvy, you’ll see a lot of benefit from using a tool like Miro or Mural to help them collaborate at their best (and it’ll save you time typing things up, too!).
  8. 8. Make it Memorable. Use stories, mnemonics, even a little alliteration or rhyme -that can help people recollect the key information when it’s time.

Sound good? You’ll find lots more about this in our, “Taking Your Training Remote” programme – you’ll learn 9 Ways to Avoid Death by Powerpoint, our comprehensive 6-part engAge model for engaging and energising workshops, and most importantly you’ll get specific techniques that work with your specific workshops.

It's not just for full-time trainers either – we often get managers, admin and technical people, who all tell us how much they benefit, taking away a real boost in confidence as well as lots of new ideas to make their remote workshops attractive, enjoyable and highly effective.

The Trainer

Roy Marriott is one of our most experienced trainers of Resilience and Mindfulness, and has been delivering live, interactive online training workshops since 2012. He makes them fun, engaging and highly effective – one participant described them as “95% of the experience of being in the room together.”

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In-house Programmes

This workshop can also be provided as an in-house session for your internal trainers and wellbeing champions. For further information, please request more details here or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.


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