Transforming good managers into great leaders

13th June 2018, Central London - facilitated by Derek Mowbray


Processes need managers and management; people need leaders and leadership.

The role of leaders is:

a. To guarantee a psychologically healthy organisation, in order:

b. To guarantee a successful business.

Both rely completely on the workforce feeling fully engaged and motivated to make the enterprise a huge success. This means the workforce feeling psychologically well and able to perform at its peak.

Many organisations expect their managers to act as leaders of people without providing any training in the how to do this. Being a leader is about knowing how to inspire people to thrive and perform at their peak consistently. It’s about creating the working environment that provokes the workforce to feel well. It is about using behaviours that inspire, empower and encourage.

Leadership is about the collective approach to leading the organisation.

This workshop aims to provide an understanding of the psychology of leaders and leadership that fulfils the role of guaranteeing a psychologically healthy organisation that produces a successful business.


  • Understanding the challenges organisations face
  • Understanding stress – its causes and its detrimental impact on performance
  • Understanding the links between psychological wellbeing and performance
  • Understanding the purpose of leaders
  • Understanding what makes a fabulous leader
  • Understanding the leader’s role in helping the organisation realise its true potential
  • Understanding the cultural drivers that provoke psychological wellbeing and performance
  • Understanding the leadership behaviours that achieve the best from the workforce
  • Understanding the techniques for resolving challenging and complex problems
  • Understanding how to becoming a good role model

Including exercises and questionnaires to make the key points about this approach to leadership.


An understanding of what’s involved in being a great leader and what is needed to start the transformation journey.

Organisations need to take an active role in this process, helping and supporting the transformation of their managers into great leaders and ensuring that the culture of the organisation is one that prevents stress and provokes wellbeing and performance in the workforce.

Masterclass duration

This masterclass is a one day programme. Timings are 0930 for 1000 until 1630


Central London

Who should attend?

This seminar is designed for senior team members, leaders and managers, internal champions of change - specialists in Staff Development, OD, HR, OH, H&S and wellbeing.

In-house programme - Transforming good managers into great leaders

We can provide this as an in-house programme for the leaders and managers in your organisation. For further information, please request more details here or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.


The cost for a single place is £350 + VAT = (£420)

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Transforming good managers into great leaders

13 June, Central London

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For further information and to book, please request more details here or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.


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