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Understanding the Wellbeing and Performance Agenda

Understanding the Wellbeing and Performance Agenda

26 April 2017, London - facilitated by Professor Derek Mowbray

The WellBeing and Performance Agenda is the framework designed to guide organisations through the transformational processes required to achieve peak performance through the prevention of psychological distress and presenteeism at work.

Amongst the biggest challenges that any organisation faces is how to minimise the impact of stress and psychological presenteeism on its performance. Often caused by psychological distress, usually triggered by adverse events and poor behaviour, psychological presenteeism is a major impairment to performance, both organisationally and personally, and is a massive avoidable cost to businesses and services (a conservative estimate is 1. 5 times the combined cost of sickness absence and attrition).

By tackling the causes of psychological presenteeism the organisation also tackles sickness absence and staff turnover attributable to stress with the added benefit of creating the conditions that produces a workforce that is highly engaged, innovative and contributes more than is expected.


  • Understanding the needs of your workforce, and the threats to their wellbeing and performance
  • The Wellbeing and Performance Agenda - overview
The WellBeing and Performance Agenda
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Culture – the triggers for creating and sustaining the cultural environment that provokes commitment, trust and engagement, which in turn provokes psychological wellbeing and leads to peak performance.

Adaptive Leadership – the principles, based on Shared Responsibility for the success of the organisation with the workforce and encouraging everyone to take Psychological Responsibility for themselves and others.

Working Environment – the eradication of impediments to psychological wellbeing

Resilient Workforce – strengthening the attitudes of people towards challenging events and poor behaviours.


  • Understanding the impact that psychological presenteeism has on organisational performance
  • Understanding the need for a prevention approach, compared to a reactive approach
  • Understanding the WellBeing and Performance Agenda, its constituent parts and the methods of implementation

Seminar duration

This seminar is a half day awareness programme.

Who should attend?

This seminar is designed to introduce the Wellbeing and Performance Agenda to leaders, senior managers, and senior specialists in HR, OD and Occupational Health and all those with an interest in the wellbeing and performance of their organisation.

In-house programme - Understanding the Wellbeing and Performance Agenda

We can provide this seminar as an in-house programme for the leaders, senior managers and internal champions of change within your organisation. For further information, please request more details here or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.


The cost for a single place is £175 + VAT = (£210)

Discounts may be available for multiple places booked on behalf of a single organisation

Understanding the
Wellbeing & Performance
Agenda Seminar

26 April 2017, Central London

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For further information and to book, please request more details here or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.


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