Identifying Personal Values

The aim of this questionnaire is to create a short list of your personal values. You then reflect on them and challenge yourself as to whether they inform your choices and the decisions you make throughout your daily life as well as the major life changing decisions you make. They should also help you achieve your sense of enjoyment, happiness and wellbeing.

Step 1 - Read the values

Read the entire list of 28 values displayed in the left hand column below, before continuing. When you are ready click on the start button .


Personal Values List

  1. Knowledge:To pursue and learn about new things and ideas; to search for truth, or information; to be known by others as an intelligent person and to feel intelligent.

  2. Wisdom:To understand and frame for myself a meaning of life, perceiving experience from a broad frame of reference.

  3. Power:To lead and direct others, to influence or control others, that is to get them to do what I want them to do.

  4. Aesthetic Pleasure: To enjoy and respect the things from which I derive pleasure-art, nature, work people.

  5. Ethical standards: To believe in and maintain a code of ethics, a sense of right and wrong; to be moral; to conform to the standards of society, my family or spouse, my profession, and my personal beliefs.

  6. Independence: To achieve my own goals in the manner best suited to me to have freedom to come and go as I wish; to be myself at all times, to control my own actions.

  7. Accomplishment: To achieve my personal objectives with a sense that I've done something as well as, if not better than, someone else would have; to experience self-satisfaction when I rise to a challenge, accomplish a task or a job, or solve a problem.

  8. Recognition:To receive attention, notice, approval, or respect from others, enjoying their camaraderie; to join groups for companionship; to look forward to and enjoy social relations

  9. Courage:To be entrepreneurial and thus take risks, reach beyond boundaries, and experiment.

  10. Responsibility: To be held accountable to others or to organisations to which I belong for a job or task, to process something and care for it.

  11. Creativity: To be free to and have the ability and desire to develop new ideas, solutions to problems, improvements in products or procedures, or designs of things or plans; to be mentally challenged; to be first to innovate or create.

  12. Security: To possess the basic wherewithal for living; to feel safe; to have self-confidence; to have job security and continuity of income.

  13. Dedication: To be loyal to a company or to a supervisor, my family, social and political groups, and others, to give devotion, commitment, or friendship to others.

  14. Justice and parity: To receive rewards and recognition for my contributions and achievements in proportion to my efforts and comparable to those received by other people.

  15. Growth: To advance, to expand my life through the improvement of my status at work or in the community; to increase my work-and non work-related knowledge or skill; to find fulfilment in the groups in which I work and live; to mature personally and professionally.

  16. Integrity: To be consistently open, honest, ethical and genuine

  17. Religiousness: To believe in a supreme being; to relate my belief to other people and let it guide my actions; to lead others in line with the teachings of my faith.

  18. Love: To experience warmth, feelings of affection, a sense of caring, enthusiasm for, attachment to, devotion to, and interest in something or in another person, especially someone to whom I can make a commitment.

  19. Challenge: To feel good about what I do, its degree of difficulty, and the complexity or demands on my creativity; to have opportunities to apply my knowledge and skills effectively and easily.

  20. Faith:To have self-confidence and to believe in my abilities and skills, in the goodness and value of life, and in the goals and objectives of my company or social organisations; to feel secure in the availability of help from others and to recognise help received.

  21. Passion To use my drive and commitment to energize, engage and inspire others.

  22. Health (physical/mental): To feel energetic and free of physical pain from injury, disease, or infection; to feel free from worry and anxiety and of emotional blocks to success in all aspects of my life; to have peace of mind.

  23. Money: To have sufficient income or other assets to use as I wish, to be materially comfortable or well off.

  24. Good time/pleasure: To have fun, to enjoy myself; to do things I like to do rather than only things I have to do.

  25. Being loved: To experience warmth, feelings of affection, and a sense of caring from other people, especially from someone from whom I can expect a commitment.

  26. Helpfulness: To provide assistance, support, empathy, or protection to others; to be open responsive, and generous.

  27. Friendship: To have many friends, to work with others enjoying their camaraderie; to join groups for companionship; to look forward to and enjoy social relations.

  28. Self-Esteem:To be someone of value in my own eyes and in the eyes of others; to be accepted as a person rather than as a non-entity or as a means to an end; to feel useful and wanted by other people; to be a leader; to be appreciated by others.