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Strengthening Personal Resilience

In house programme


Resilience is a key component in the primary prevention of stress at work. Resilience is the capacity to mobilise personal resources to form an attitude to tolerate and overcome adverse events without experiencing stress, and to increase psychological immunity as a consequence of such events.

Building resilience will help ensure that your workforce is motivated, engaged and maintains performance through periods of uncertainty and change whilst minimising the stressful effects of such events.

Some aspects of resilience are personality dependent whilst others are skills determined. All elements can be learnt and strengthened.

The programme explains the impact that adverse events has on people, and how resilience is about forming an attitude towards an event that determines how the individual copes with it and become stronger as a result. The programme includes exercises that strengthen resilience which can be practiced as used in times of challenge.


  • Understanding and recognising the effects and causes of stress
  • Understanding what is meant by resilience
  • Understanding who we are
  • Threats to wellbeing and performance
  • Assess and evaluate resilience - completion and feedback on Resilience Assessment Questionnaire
  • Approaches to resilience, with exercises, based on 8 elements of resilience, shown in the diagram
  • Techniques for self-development, personal control and flexibility over oneself, events and people; reinforcement of resilience and the behaviours that increase resilience.


  • Improve coping and manage stress more effectively
  • Boost personal control and flexibility
  • Assess and improve behaviours that increase resilience
  • Learn techniques and approaches to building personal resilience

Who should attend?

This is available as an awareness session for senior team members and managers, internal champions of change, specialists in OD, HR, L&D, OH, H&S and wellbeing and those with an interest in the wellbeing and performance of their organisation, or in an appropriate format for individuals wishing to strengthen their resilience.

Programme duration

This programme can be delivered as a half day awareness programme, or as a one day in depth, interactive session. For further information, please request more details here or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.


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