Wellbeing & Performance Agenda

Making the link between wellbeing and performance

The better people feel at work the greater their contribution, the higher their personal performance and the performance of their organisation.

The link between wellbeing and performance has long been established and makes common sense.

The WellBeing and Performance Agenda provides a systemic, organisation-wide, approach that creates the conditions for high level performance. It provides a framework for leaders and managers to give the workforce an opportunity to feel psychologically well and, with appropriate motivation, perform at its peak.

A Fabulous Organisation



For further information, see Derek Mowbray's Guide to the Wellbeing and Performance Agenda.

The overall aim of the Agenda is to make the workplace a fabulous and high performing place to work and create the conditions that:

  • enable individuals to thrive and perform at their peak consistently;
  • enhance individual psychological wellbeing, so people feel fantastic and are fully engaged with the organisation;
  • stimulate and provoke innovation, energy, motivation, morale, personal growth, and success;
  • prevent events and behaviours that may trigger stress in the workforce;
  • reduce the incidence of psycho-presenteeism (people coming to work in body but not in mind), together with the associated costs;
  • reduce sickness absence and staff turnover attributable to stress;
  • inspire positive attitudes to adverse events and difficult behaviours, so that active corporate and personal resilience is strengthened to successfully overcome these challenges.

These conditions will result in the following attributes and behaviours in its workforce:

  • commitment, trust, motivation, kinship, concentration and social engagement.

These attributes and behaviours are known to be strongly associated with psychological wellbeing and peak performance.

Creating the conditions where individuals feel commitment, trust, motivation, kinship, concentration and social engagement requires each person to behave in a certain manner at work, and for the culture, leadership and working environment of the organisation to reinforce these behaviours and provoke individuals to be motivated to concentrate on the tasks expected of them.

There is no quick fix to sorting out the challenges facing organisations. This Agenda is an organisation-wide approach to solving challenging problems for organisations, but it takes a change of attitude and a determination to succeed for the Agenda to be implemented in its entirety.

There is a high return on investment when you build a positive work culture that minimises the risks of staff feeling psychologically unwell due to stress.

To read more about the Agenda, go to the Wellbeing and Performance Background section.

For further information see our In-house programmes for wellbeing and performance.

You can read more in Derek Mowbray's Guide to the Wellbeing and Performance Agenda.


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