Psychological Responsibility

WellBeing and Performance Agenda - Item 2

Psychological Responsibility

An introduction

Psycological responsibility is a foundation principle of the WellBeing and Performance Agenda, a framework for making 'the workplace to be a fabulous place to work'.

If you adopt Psychological Responsibility you will find that the low mood that sits above your head will lift and turn into a sensation that will help rejuvinate flagging energy and stimulate enthusiasm to work effectively and productively. You will feel much better if you can achieve this and help others to feel the same.

Some features in the background to Psychological Responsibility

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Psychological Responsibility
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Psychological Responsibility - its role in the WellBeing and Performance Agenda

This item is No 2 in the Agenda and is about the behaviour of the workforce and their responsibility for remaining psychologically well.

It is, also, about shifting responsibility for psychological wellbeing from being solely the concern of leaders and managers to individuals working in the organisation.

Definition of Psychological Responsibility

Psychological Responsibility is a responsibility that organisations place on each individual in the workforce to remain psychologically well and to ensure they do no psychological harm to anyone else.

The implications include the expectation that individuals will alert their leaders and managers to any situation of circumstance where they feel their psychological wellbeing is being compromised by the demands made on them or the behaviour of others.

It is part of the expectation that once a situation is identified, action is taken by the individual concerned to influence the event or behaviour or remove themselves from being exposed to the event or behaviour or that their leader or manager takes action to prevent the event or behaviour from occurring.

The aim is for the individual to remain psychologically well.

Each person is expected to adopt Intelligent Behaviour at work, which are the behaviours that, properly applied, do no psychological harm to others.

Benefits of Psychological Responsibility

Psychological Responsibility heightens individual awareness of the ways in which people behave and the actions they take.

By adopting Psychological Responsibility the organisation is modifying the behaviours of its leaders, managers and employees so they do no psychological harm to other people, thus enable individuals to concentrate and attain peak performance.

Implementation of Psychological Responsibility

Implementation is facilitated by a Code of Conduct that spells out the ingredients of Psychological Responsibility. This needs reinforcing at every manager’s meeting to ensure that everyone builds up confidence to speak openly about their situation.

In addition, the logo can be used as screen savers, mouse mats or simply posters on walls to reinforce the basic message.

In addition, Derek Mowbray’s Guide to Psychological Responsibility contains exercises for implementation, and which act as a source document for workshops on this topic

Articles about Psychological Responsibility

We continually update our article library with content from as wide a source as possible. If you would like more in-depth information on this subject, please click here to visit the Psychological Responsibility section of the library where you will be able to both read and download as many papers on this and related subject on leadership as you wish.

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