Creating a Stress Prevention Culture

Creating a Stress Prevention Culture

Creating a Stress Prevention Culture

Stress costs!

There are the costs of providing support services, the costs in manager time in dealing with the consequences of stress, the costs of sickness absence and staff turnover, and the costs of psychological presenteeism. Psychological presenteeism is estimated to cost between 1.5 and 5 times the cost of sickness absence and staff turnover combined.

Eliminating the risks of stress at work requires a systemic approach. It involves actions within a framework of Managing my Organisation, Managing my Workforce and Managing Myself focusing, respectively on culture, rules, behaviours and resilience. As stress is behaviourally induced, there is a need to nudge organisations towards a positive working environment where the behaviours that are induced are those that result in high performance. This requires a focus on psychological wellbeing and performance.


Course content

  • Stress and psychological presenteeism
  • Commitment, trust and engagement
  • Approaches to assessment and measurement
  • Preventing stress and psychological presenteeism
  • How to change culture
  • A Wellbeing and Performance strategy and agenda
  • Managing my organisation, my people and myself
  • The appropriate strategies of change
  • How to design a Wellbeing and Performance strategy and agenda and create an action plan relevant to your organisation.
  • Steps to implementation, and embedding a culture of commitment, trust and engagement.

The background - Government Initiatives

Download a brief paper about A Stress Free Culture.

Why you should run this workshop in your organisation

Dr Derek Mowbray is a pioneer of the Wellbeing and Performance Agenda that focuses on the primary prevention of stress at work. This includes reducing psychological presenteeism, which has the knock on effect of reducing sickness absence and staff turnover.

This programme sets the scene for changing culture, changing manager behaviours and strengthening workforce resilience against stress at work.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is for managers who are interested in improving staff performance. It will also be of interest for those involved in wellbeing and stress prevention.


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