Wellbeing and Performance Programme

Wellbeing and Performance Programme

Wellbeing and Performance Programme

People who are well perform better than people who are ill. You might think that’s a statement of the blindingly obvious, but nonetheless it’s true and definitely evidence-based.

The better people feel at work the greater their contribution, the higher their personal performance, the performance of their organisation, and the increased value of each pound spent.

Wellbeing and Performance Programme Profile

The Wellbeing and Performance Programme links wellbeing with performance.

When managers implement what they have learned, the effect is to generate commitment and trust, which in turn produces engagement rather than psychological distress. This reduces the costs of sickness absence, staff turnover and presenteeism, where people are at work but ineffective.

It includes important sections on the prevention and management of stress, because stress has a highly negative impact on both wellbeing and performance.

Course Content

The training covers 12 key aspects of wellbeing management:

  • Creating the right culture, climate and working environment
  • Prioritising people management activities
  • Good communication
  • Good person-job fit
  • Assessing, evaluating and changing your behaviours
  • Flexibility, trust and control
  • Being responsive to individual vulnerability
  • Pressure Profiling (Stress Risk Assessment)
  • Stress Risk Management
  • Stress Prevention
  • Managing your resilience
  • Promoting resilience in others

To find out more information about these topics, download our article The 12 secrets of Managing Wellbeing and Performance from our article library (in the 2nd section entitled Leading and Managing for Wellbeing and Performance)

Who should attend this course

This programme should be considered an essential element to your management training structure. It is aimed at managers and its purpose is to provide managers with what they need to know and do to effectively manage wellbeing and performance.

About the course

This is an inhouse course that can be tailored to meet your particular needs. To have a chat about running  this course within your organisation, please call Barbara Leigh 01242 241882 or use the form below to tell us a little more about your requirements.

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