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Purpose of the questionnaires

The questionnaires are designed to help organisations make assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation, teams, leaders and individuals in relation to their psychological wellbeing, resilience and, ultimately, performance.

Identify hotspots to help target training

They will identify hot spots and enable training, development, coaching, mentoring and research to be targeted as effectively as possible.

Use the questionnaires as part of action learning sets

The questionnaires can also be used for training and as part of action learning sets where they will encourage thinking and guide discussion and decision making.

The questionnaires are grouped into three section:

  • Organisation culture

  • Leadership and management

  • Individuals

Scroll down to see an introduction to each group and links to each of the three sections.

Leadership & Management

These questionnaires provide a method of assessing personal characteristics, skills, tasks and impact of leaders. The questionnaires are equally applicable to managers who manage people. We draw a distinction between leaders and managers.

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Leadership & Management Questionnaires

  • The Wellbeing and Performance at Work
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Psychological Wellbeing at Work
  • Adaptive Leadership
  • How Fabulous a Leader are you?
  • Behaviour at Work
  • Intelligent Behaviour
  • Ethical Values
  • Values & Beliefs
  • Cultural Values


Individuals have a responsibility to protect themselves and remain psychologically well, and to do no harm to others.

Our questionnaires will help individuals to understand how well they are, and where things could be improved.

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Individuals Questionnaires

  • The Wellbeing and Performance at Work
  • Psychological Wellbeing at Work
  • Personal Values
  • The Resilience Assessment - long
  • The Resilience Assessment - short
  • Values and Beliefs
  • Engagement at Work

Introduction and background

Outstanding performance at work

These questionnaires have been designed and developed by psychologist Derek Mowbray as part of The WellBeing, Resilience and Performance Agenda, an agenda that transforms organisations into ‘fabulous places to work’ that produce outstanding performance.


These questionnaires help leaders with the development of workplace cultures, leader behaviours, intelligent management, and resilient people.

A focus is on engagement, as with this being felt strongly by the workforce, it will produce outstanding performance, characterised by vigour, dedication, absorption and productivity.

People are only strongly engaged with their work, other people and their organisation when they feel psychologically well, safe and highly motivated.

It is the job of leaders to create this environment, and to spend time nurturing the workforce with constant encouragement, support and a strong sense of responsibility.


These questionnaires are directly linked to the key steps to be taken to achieve outstanding performance. They cover each aspect of the WellBeing, Resilience and Performance Agenda, with the exception of the adaptive environment, and provide leaders insight into what is needed to be done and how far they have developed their organisation and themselves.

Encourage peak performance

The results should be used to help change behaviour and to create and sustain the working conditions that provoke individuals to feel psychologically well, keep the Psychological Contract intact and encourage peak performance.

Strong face validity

The questionnaires have, deliberately, not been tested for reliability and validity so they won’t tell those completing them that they are, for example, a fabulous manager, only that they have the characteristics of being a fabulous manager. However, these questionnaires have strong face validity, so those completing them should recognise themselves in the answers, and in so doing, open up their thinking about themselves.

The organisational questionnaires should do the same; the organisation or team should be recognisable from the results, and in so doing, open up thinking about what needs to change and how. Some questionnaires act as 360° type instruments that help individuals understand how they are seen by others. These questionnaires can show up differences in perception, and can be used to start conversations about how individuals may need to change, particularly if the observations of others are markedly different to those of the individual.