Wellbeing and Performance at Work - Developing a strategy

Wellbeing and Performance at Work - Developing a strategy

Developing a strategy for Psychological Wellbeing and Performance

We have long experience of developing strategy for Psychological Well being and Performance and would welcome the opportunity to help you:

  • Assess,
  • Develop,
  • Launch,
  • Implement and
  • Evaluate

a strategy for well being and performance for your organisation.

To read more about psychological well being and performance, dowload the pdf of Professor Derek Mowbray's Wellbeing and Performance Agenda.  Derek's Guide to the WellBeing and Performance Agenda will provide you with assessments and frameworks to assist with the development of your strategy to prevent and manage psychological distress at work.

We can help you build your strategy. The assistance we can provide comes in several forms which can be tailored to match the approach that meets your requirements. Our approach includes:

a) Assessing the current level of quality of working life to enable a specific focus to be identified for the strategy.

b) Developing the strategy. Our consultancy advice would include:

  • explaining the framework,
  • working with you to form an appropriate steering group,
  • identifying the interested parties,
  • encouraging interested parties to express their services in outcome/benefit terms and how they could be delivered and by whom;
  • challenging each contribution in terms of their focus within the framework and the evidence of impact;
  • helping to interpret the outline strategy in practical terms for action;
  • helping to implement the strategy operationally.

c) Awareness workshop – an explanation of the framework to all possible contributors to raise awareness of issues and provide a forum for discussion and engagement.

d) Launch event.

  • What is a wellbeing strategy?
  • Why would you want one e.g. better staff well being, reduced staff costs, improved performance?
  • Raising awareness of workplace well being generally and the links between well being and performance
  • Introducing the new well being strategy
  • The process of developing the well being strategy
  • How we're going to implement the wellbeing strategy e.g. training and support required
  • Engaging with stakeholders - How they can help
  • Next steps towards launch and implementation

e) To support implementation, raise awareness and train managers we recommend a series of workshops on well being and performance. These would cover:

  • The context, purpose and impact of a wellbeing and performance agenda;
  • A strategy for implementing the well being and performance agenda;
  • A Manager’s Code to help with cultural change and the implementation of a wellbeing and performance agenda;
  • The contributions of different types of services to the well being and performance agenda; the processes of implementation and monitoring the impact of the wellbeing and performance agenda.

f) Evaluate to measure the return on investment.

Creating a strategy for Well being and Performance is clearly an opportunity to embed a prevention approach to stress.

As such, we would welcome an opportunity to explore these approaches with you and assist in the creation of a strategy and its subsequent implementation and assessment for ROI.

Our involvement can be in many forms from delivering everything above to providing a few hours telephone/email consultancy support for you.

Need more information?

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