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On-line Programmes, delivered by Zoom and Teams

Taking your Training Remote

How to deliver excellent, high engagement training remotely, via Zoom or MS Teams

In this live, online programme, which will be delivered via MS Teams, you will learn how to deliver online workshops that are interactive, fun, highly effective and engaging and which get great ratings!

The programme is split into two workshops, each three hours long:

  • Workshop 1 is focused on tools and technology,
  • Workshop 2 is focused on “translating” your training so it works well remotely.

Both workshops are highly interactive and practical, so you’ll go away with real learnings you can put into practice right away.

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Facilitated by:
Roy Marriott

Strengthening Personal Resilience

This programme is delivered via Zoom in 2 modules with each programme lasting 3 hours:

Module 1. Psychological Resilience - developing qualities such as self-awareness, self-confidence, vision and determination that make you more resilient

Module 2. Resilience in Relation to People and Events - developing the skills and qualities that help you to be more resilient when faced with challenging interactions and events; building the supportive relationships and structures that help to you be more resilient.

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Dates and Times:

This programme is available as an on-line, in-house programme.

Facilitated by:
Roy Marriott

Resilience Train-the-Trainer & Master Classes

Strengthening Personal Resilience and the Managers Role in Resilience -
Train the Trainer Programmes

These Train the Trainer Programmes, provide organisational trainers, consultants, psychologists, HR and OH practitioners with the training, resources, licenses and confidence needed to deliver these powerful workshops, developed by Dr Derek Mowbray, on Personal Resilience and the Managers Role in Resilience, within their organisation.

Available as an in house programme

Facilitated by:
Susan Scott

Personal Resilience Masterclass for Champions of Wellbeing and Performance

Delivered by Dr Derek Mowbray, this programme provides an insight into how resilience is built. It is aimed at Champions of WellBeing and Performance and those wishing to gain a greater understanding of the psychology of resilience and its place in improving staff wellbeing and performance. Not everyone attending the programme will necessarily want to train others. The programme is beneficial to those wanting to gain a better understanding about personal resilience and the corporate threats that have an impact on the resilience of the workforce, together with how individuals can strengthen their personal resilience in order that they can better shape their organisation’s strategy for a high performing workforce.

This is available as an in house programme

Facilitated by:
Derek Mowbray

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In-house Programmes

All our programmes are available as in house events - as masterclasses, seminars or awareness sessions depending on audience size and requirement. For further information, please request more details here or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.


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