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Brief Mindfulness

An online programme for your remote workers - 6 x 2hr workshops, delivered via Zoom

This Mindfulness training is specifically designed for leaders, managers, cognitive workers and senior professionals. It introduces methods to bring mindfulness right into the heart of a busy working day, reducing anxiety and boosting focus, improving resilience to challenge and change, dismantling the mechanisms of stress, and cultivating instead the mechanisms of wellbeing.

Mindfulness has a wide range of benefits in terms of both wellbeing and performance. For example, the following benefits have been reported in peer-reviewed published papers:

  • Well-Being: reduces stress, improves immune function, reduces blood pressure and increases enjoyment.
  • Cognitive: Mindfulness generates a clearer focus and the ability to sustain it for longer. It improves memory, boosts creative problem solving skills
  • Emotional: Mindfulness also boosts emotional awareness, emotional intelligence and relationship skills
  • Organisational: Mindfulness also boosts engagement, satisfaction and decision-making
  • Leadership: Mindful Leaders produce improvement in performance, job satisfaction, psychological need satisfaction and organisational citizenship in their staff

The result is more time and energy focused on what matters most; better results, in less time, with less stress.

Programme content:

This Mindfulness training introduces methods to bring mindfulness right into the heart of a busy working day, for example:

  • The “Reconnect” tool makes mindfulness accessible in 30 seconds, without closing your eyes or changing your posture.
  • “Targeted Mindfulness” addresses a specific stressor in 4 minutes, dramatically reducing stress and removing the mental “drag” that can interfere with optimal performance under pressure. Again, it can be done without closing eyes or changing posture.
  • Resilient Mindfulness also emphasises the integration of mindfulness into purposeful activity. The activity can then be performed in a more efficient and effective way, saving time and boosting energy.

The Mindfulness training covers the following themes:

  • Reducing stress and boosting focus in 2 minutes per day
  • Reducing anxiety and stress: less worry, more focus
  • Emotional resilience: overcoming the negativity bias
  • Resilient focus: resilience to challenge and change
  • Discovering the mechanisms of stress
  • Dismantling the mechanisms of stress, cultivating the mechanisms of wellbeing

The trainer

The designer and trainer of this programme is Roy Marriott.

Roy is the founder of Brief Mindfulness, drawing on his 25 years of experience implementing Mindfulness in the workplace, and many years’ experience of executive coaching. He trains people to develop a relaxed yet highly effective focus on what matters most. He helps people get into their “zone” of optimal performance, so they can get better results with less stress. This is especially effective with Leaders and Managers, because the benefits tend to “rub off” on their employees too. He delivers the whole range of Mindfulness programmes, from 45 minute tasters and 2 hour QuickStart programmes right through to in-depth transformational 8 week programmes. These trainings are available for groups and in 1-1 executive formats, both face-to-face and on-line.

Delivery format for live, on-line training

Delivered over 6 weeks: 6 x 2 hours live online workshop and 1 week of lightweight elearning for a maximum of 14 people. Roy includes the offer of personal eCoaching for any of the delegates who would like to make contact with him after the programme.

Client feedback

I was enthralled by your training - your style, the way you delivered it, and the remarkable simplicity and effectiveness of your approach.
Bruce Greenhalgh, Global Health and Wellbeing Clinical Lead, BT.

Energy and enthusiasm that is infectious and phenomenally productive. I thoroughly recommend Roy for any organisation or individual.
Steve Batson, Service Manager, Avon and Wiltshire Partnership NHS Trust

For further information about running this programme for your remote workers, please request more details here or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.


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