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Personal Resilience Masterclass for Champions for Change

2 Day Resilience Masterclass for Champions of Wellbeing and Performance

Personal resilience training has probably the most immediate and sustained impact on the primary prevention of stress at work so we are pleased to be able to offer you an opportunity to attend our Resilience Masterclass for Champions of Wellbeing and Performance.

Our Resilience Training Masterclass Programme focuses on personal prevention techniques, approaches and behaviours, and builds these into a corporate resilient workforce. This will result in the additional benefits of improved performance, better staff retention, low sickness absence and low levels of presenteeism.

Our standard one day Resilience Training Programme has been delivered to over 1000 people in the UK, mainland Europe and the USA, consistently receiving scores of excellence.

About Resilience

Organisations and individuals face a number of risks and threats at work that include the consequences of the economic climate and the ripple effect that has on the workforce, individuals and their families. Building resilience will help ensure that your workforce is motivated, engaged, committed and maintains performance through periods of uncertainty and change.

Resilience is about building and strengthening attitudes towards adverse events that produce a personal capacity to tolerate events without experiencing symptoms of personal stress. Resilience is a key component of the primary prevention of psychological distress. It is akin to psychological immunity against adverse events, built up from experience and topped up by specific exercises. You still experience the event but your tolerance is increased.

Resilience is a key aspect of Wellbeing and Performance as it focuses on personal prevention techniques, approaches and behaviours, and builds these into a corporate resilient workforce, with the additional benefits of better staff retention, low sickness absence, low presenteeism and low staff turnover rates.

Resilience Masterclass Programme Content:

Primary prevention is about preventing stress from occurring in the first place.

  • Resilience is about preventing potentially stressful events causing a stressful reaction in individuals.
  • Resilience focuses on the individual, and strengthening resilience enables the individual to tolerate and cope with adverse events more easily, without reducing performance at work.
  • Strengthening resilience is about strengthening personal psychological immunity against adverse events.
  • Resilience is a process to create robust attitudes towards adverse events.

Resilience is not a personality trait, although some personalities gravitate to workplaces and jobs they feel more comfortable doing, and, therefore, pre-dispose themselves to being resilient in those situations, which others might find challenging.

Helping others to strengthen their resilience requires an understanding and fluency in the underlying psychological principles.

The MAS Resilience Masterclass Programme provides an insight into how resilience is produced together with exercises to strengthen aspects of personal resilience, identified by completing our Resilience Assessment Questionnaire.

Psychological Principles of Resilience

Resilience is, essentially, about attitude combined with motivation. Attitudes are constructed from thoughts, emotions and feelings. Strengthening resilience is about making attitudes more robust – a ‘will do’ attitude, as opposed to a ‘can do’ attitude. It’s about regulating thoughts and feelings to arrive at a robust attitude towards a stressful event.

The programme explores, in depth, the many interpretations of resilience and helps delegates arrive at a definition that they feel comfortable with and can justify to others.

The programme goes on to discuss the psychological elements of thoughts and feelings, and how these help to form an attitude. Understanding that beliefs can inhibit and strengthen resilience will be part of this discussion, together with why it’s important to identify core personal values that drive individuals to take certain decisions.

The programme explores the self, the meaning of events and the possible outcomes from an event. In exploring self, the programme examines the contribution to resilience of human capital, experiences, skills, relationships and the ability to interact with others.

In exploring the meaning of events, the programme examines the stages in personal evaluation of events, the meaning of events to the individual and the information we use to help form an attitude towards an event.

In exploring the individual outcomes arising from an event, the programme examines the role of key psychological phenomena in the processes of determining the choice of outcome to an event.

The remainder of the programme identifies influences on behaviour, and the processes that are effective in helping change behaviour to strengthen personal resilience.

The programme goes on to provide exercises that strengthen personal resilience. The exercises address the key influences that strengthen resilience, and add to the armoury of techniques and approaches that individuals can call on in times of challenge.

Download Professor Derek Mowbray's paper about Resilience and Strengthening Resilience in Individuals.

The Bigger Picture

Personal resilience can only go so far. Without the elements of corporate resilience in place (good culture, good management and a good working environment), there comes a time when individuals are unable to cope effectively with certain challenges, no matter how robust their personal resilience may be. A Resilience programme should not be viewed in isolation, but as part of a transformation process to achieve peak performance throughout the organisation.

This two day Personal Resilience Masterclass Programme forms part of The WellBeing and Performance Agenda. The purpose of this Agenda is to:

  • eliminate psychological presenteeism (often caused by people suffering stress at work) by helping create a culture that provokes psychological wellbeing, concentration and peak performance;
  • adopt a management style and behaviours based on Adaptive Leadership principles of shared responsibility;
  • ensure that the working environment assists concentration and the achievement of peak performance; and
  • strengthen personal resilience against adverse events and threatening behaviour at work.

The WellBeing and Performance Agenda is a significant organisation, management and personal development programme which is attracting attention from those organisations that have a strong determination to achieve consistently high performance from the workforce.

Psychological presenteeism is a major and significant impediment to consistent high performance as the costs involved are amongst the highest wastage costs that organisations experience.

Download Professor Derek Mowbray's paper on The Wellbeing and Performance Agenda.

Duration of MAS Resilience Programme for Champions of Wellbeing and Performance

This programme is delivered over 2 consecutive days and is interactive in style.

Who is the Programme for?

This programme is aimed at Champions of Wellbeing and Performance and those interested in improving staff performance - specialists in Organisation Development; Management and Leadership Development; Human Resources; Learning & Development; Occupational Health ; Health, Safety and Wellbeing.

Not everyone attending the programme will necessarily want to train others. The programme is also beneficial to those wanting to gain a better understanding about personal resilience and the corporate threats that have an impact on the resilience of the workforce, together with how individuals can strengthen their personal resilience in order that they can better shape their organisation’s strategy for a high performing workforce.

At the end of the programme, delegates wishing to use our material to deliver a Resilience programme will be assessed as to their understanding of the programme. Successful completion of this assessment is essential for those participants who wish to go on to deliver our resilience programme under licence and use our Resilience Assessment Questionnaire.

In-house resilience masterclass

We can provide this Resilience Masterclass Programme as an in-house programme for the internal champions in your organisation.   For further information, please request more details here or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.

What delegates say about the MAS Strengthening Resilience Masterclass

“Attending the MAS masterclass on Strengthening Resilience against Stress at Work was my epiphany. I now “get” resilience, I understand what I can contribute in my leadership role to developing resilient individuals and I am excited by the opportunities for optimising wellbeing and performance in my organisation through increasing resilience.

The programme is amazing and the potential benefits can be realised within the first 15 minutes of participation. I can highly recommend this.”

Senior Consultant in Public Health, Nottinghamshire County Council

Firstly I want to say how much I enjoyed the course and have been telling everyone! I also feel that it has focused some questions in my mind in relation to the current managing attendance and the overall engagement /performance management agendas.

Principal Health & Safety Adviser, The Personnel Office, IOM Government

I delivered a short presentation to some staff about resilience recently and it received a lot of favourable comments. My own personal resilience has definitely improved thanks to the course.

Head of Faculty, Cumbernauld College following attendance at MAS Resilience Workshop

I thoroughly enjoyed the (Resilience) Master class and have been really inspired by its contents! As a result I have got everyone in my little world talking about resilience and you may well have some more Master class participants coming your way as a result!

Business Development Manager, Mind in Cambridgeshire

It has been a pleasure to spend these two days with you. Thanking you for the interesting discussions which I much enjoyed. A big thank you to Derek for his openness and knowledge sharing skills.

HR Expert, European Central Bank


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