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Delivering Highly Engaging Remote (and Hybrid) Meetings

3 hour live, interactive, online programme, delivered via MS Teams for managers, leaders and facilitators

In our new world of remote and hybrid working, meetings take on a newly pivotal role. On the one hand, it's a time that people come together with their colleagues and build the dynamics essential for high performance teamwork and collaboration.

On the other hand, they can be a dreary waste of everyone’s time, draining people's energy for very little benefit. And it can be hard to keep peoples' attention when they have all distractions of the internet literally at their fingertips.

Hybrid/Remote work is clearly here to stay - so hybrid/remote meetings are going to remain a big part of our working lives and we need to make them as highly effective and engaging as possible.

So, how can you make your remote meetings highly effective and engaging?

The answer is a careful blend of technology and facilitation skills, bringing people together in productive and engaging ways, so they develop their working relationships and make rapid, highly effective progress.

Session overview:

This workshop is for leaders, managers, change-makers, project managers, facilitators,.... anyone who leads meetings of any size and wants to make them as engaging and effective as possible.

It's a 3 hour workshop, running on Microsoft Teams, covering:

  • Making remote and hybrid meetings more engaging, effective & efficient
  • Navigating the complexities of hybrid meetings
  • Technology to increase engagement and effectiveness – both from within Microsoft Teams itself, and apps you can use alongside it (this includes some collaboration tools that can also be used outside of meetings - helping people work really well together remotely too)
  • Choosing which technology to use and when - so it adds real value (eg equivalents of flip-charts, post-it and white boards)
  • Ways to help people *want* to keep their cameras on, stay present and have everyone feeling confident to contribute (and avoid others over contributing!)
  • Methods to create a good record of the meeting (including learnings, decisions, outcomes and actions) without having to write any minutes afterwards
  • The beneficial use of breakout rooms.
  • Applying these principles and technologies to your specific meetings.

The Trainer

Roy Marriott is our lead trainer and training-designer for remote and hybrid workshops, covering topics such as Team Resilience for Leaders, Personal Resilience amidst Uncertainty and Change, Coaching Skills for Leaders and of course High Engagement Remote Meetings and Training. He is a Master Certified Coach, with professional experience of Coaching and Training going back to 1993, and clients of all sizes from public, private and charity sectors. His background in technology research (7 years at Hewlett-Packard's Research Labs in Bristol) combined with his breadth of training and coaching experience makes him uniquely qualified for this work.

Roy has a real passion for making training engaging and interactive, always seeking to find out what his participants really want to learn, and then provide them with fun and interactive ways to help them learn it. His vision for work (and meetings!) is for them to be as fun and engaging as high quality workshops - so people can be happy and healthy doing their very best work.

In-house Programmes

This workshop is provided as an in-house session for your managers and facilitators. For further information, please request more details here or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.


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